Walmart :)
It's always nice to see a happy face.
Walmart :)
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Leal (21 Jan, 2009) Reply
Kasdaye (21 Jan, 2009) Reply
I could see how this might be an accident. Yellow dress, yellow panties, she might not have thought the smile would show through.
huh (21 Jan, 2009) Reply
haha, sweet :D
vlm (21 Jan, 2009) Reply
wiw, it smiles at you :D LOL
iampickled (7 Feb, 2009) Reply
Ha!! kinds looks like Mr. Koolaid OHH YEAAAAA!!!!
LJ (11 Mar, 2009) Reply
haha, i thought joe boxer underwear was only for young people...
thebigbadwolf (12 Aug, 2010) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?