Football vs. handegg
There's no such thing as "American Football".
Football vs. handegg
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hamstap85 (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
LOL (12 Jul, 2011) Reply
uhh (18 Sep, 2011) Reply
It is called football because the ball measures 1 foot long (12 inches).
nex (28 Jan, 2012)
Should US every adopt the metric system then I guess it'll be called 30.48cmball.
liqa_madic (31 Jan, 2012)
12 inch egg - ha
bk (26 Sep, 2012)
minus the fact u use your foot
T.P.N (30 Sep, 2012)
uhh then it would be handfoot or foothand XD
history lesson (8 Feb, 2013)
it has nothing to do with the length (12 inches). it's bc it evolved from rugby football
JoeMama (23 Sep, 2011) Reply
Nonsense. There is such a thing as American Football. Get used to it. Hsve A Nice Day.
Pappi (11 Jan, 2012)
Nope just gridiron or handegg take your pick
VancouverSwissArmyKnife (2 Dec, 2012)
Dude, seriously. If anything, it would be better to call it "American Rugby."
"Hsve" a nice day!
Rico (12 Jan, 2013)
Types of football: Soccer, Rugby, American, Australians rules, etc...
pojfaosjdffs (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
either way it is not a ball, HANDEGG ALL THE WAY
BoyWonder (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
All Hail the National Handegg League!
Mike (16 Oct, 2011)
Pretty sure NHL is taken :P
Love the pic.
Jake Z. (9 Oct, 2011) Reply
Handegg is better...Soccer(football) get boring after 5 mins
Bob Houston (25 Jun, 2012)
are you kidding me?? if football(handegg)were as rugby,ok,but stop the game all the time and take over is easier to understand and is the king of sports.
Mike (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
Football is better than soccer? NO WAY. The game stops every 5 seconds so the teams can discuss the best way to do the next play.. THIS is boring.
Aidan (4 May, 2012)
Nope, Handegg stops every 5 seconds for beer adverts.
Jim (27 Sep, 2012)
as opposed to stopping every 5 seconds because a guy broke his shin on an opposing player, has to get carted off the field, then is back in the game 5 minutes later?
lol (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
i like booth but i suppose that would be a more accurate name LOL
freak (28 Oct, 2011) Reply
i guess they could go "Major League HandEgg" and have the annual "HandEgg World Series"...
american (6 Nov, 2011)
What are you talking about?
Gtrbl (16 Jan, 2012)
Nonsense, there is no baseball, only stickapple
Honestly (6 Nov, 2011) Reply
which do you think is more manly, the guy on the left or right?
SOCCER is for pansies
kyle (14 Nov, 2011)
next question? which guy is richest? lmao
Frankly (20 Nov, 2011)
Honestly, I'd say the guy who doesn't need to wear a full body suit of pads and a helmet is the more manly of the two.
Real men don't wear pads (22 Jan, 2012)
The guy playing his sport without hiding under body armor.
Amro (19 Apr, 2012)
The guy that plays handegg without the pads and breaks is the manliest. AKA Rugby all the way!
Dave (UK) (19 Jun, 2012)
No he looks a puff in all that padding, big yankee girl
HandeggSucks (4 Jan, 2013)
You mean the guy in a shirt and a pair of shorts or the huge pansy ****** wearing a shitload of padding because he's afraid of breaking a nail? HMMMMMM
Yay (14 Nov, 2011) Reply
Honestly, to say 'FOOTBALL' in capital letters under this picture is kind of contradicting what your trying to say, you could have at least put AMERICAN, and considering your country didnt event the sport how can you call it soccer? :P that just being stupid, on the other hand i dont particularly like either sport, RUGBY FTW!
SoccerIsWeak (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
(visit link)
Bob Houston (27 Jun, 2012)
CR7 the best!!! I love the two types of football!! Real Madrid NY Giants rulez!!
soccer (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
because there is strategy involved in football, reading defenses and adjusting, not just a bunch of guys runnning around a giant field kicking a ball back and forth falling down for 90 minutes only to end the game 0-0. boring. and the guy said soccer players are more manly because they dont wear pads, dont they wear shin guards. and lol because nfl players wear pads they play with more reckless abandon, they hit harder because of the pads. harder than rugby players, this is fact..
football (the real one) fan (26 Nov, 2011)
Well in football there's also a strategy used, but it's better to be an ignorant. Anyway I think football is far better than football, because of tradition, but only US of A could be so stupid to give a sport already taken name...
mitch (10 Dec, 2012)
American "HandEgg" players tackle harder than rugby Players? ha what a joke. What rank are USA in Rugby? the create their own games if the rubbish at a game. pathetic
Pete (29 Nov, 2011) Reply
'Football' is a game that is played on foot and with a ball.
Soccer is a 'kicking' football game, whereas American Football is a 'passing' football game.
C4nPugh (4 Feb, 2014)
So should basketball be called 'football?' How about baseball? They're all played on foot with a ball!
N (30 Nov, 2011) Reply
Handegg FTW!!!
Jonathan Siang Uk (8 Dec, 2011) Reply
HangEGG VS FOOTBALL..correct
Even wikipedia said American football Ball shaped is Egg-shaped, won't belive click this link (visit link)
A. (18 Dec, 2011) Reply
I'm from Europa (whatever,and I think football(soccer)sucks so much.
dorayakii (24 Dec, 2011) Reply
Shall we just call the original 14th century English game "fote-ball" to distinguish it from its American counterpart?
lool (4 Feb, 2012) Reply
HANDEGG,make americans rage :D (well not that hard :p)
'merica (6 Feb, 2012) Reply
just look at the difference in the photograph of the two guys above and tell me who is the better athlete. In america, we breed superhuman power machines. in europe, you breed skinny little guys. Football is only popular around the world because it's the cheapest sport. You say Americans are stupid but we are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, so I'd say we're an intelligent country. Maybe when your country becomes smart you can adobt a sport like American football and become real men.
Norwegian (7 Feb, 2012)
Well, excuse me but I am actually from the wealthiest country in the world ;) and in norway there is 1000x more people playing football (in your case soccer) than american football. You actually claim you're smart, and then you come up with such an idiotic allegation?? haha.
HAHA such an ignoramus.. (12 Feb, 2012)
Bro understand that no country 'breeds' people. You make it sound like a chiller movie. Also, I'm an american and to be honest, it doesn't matter which athlete benches more. the discussion is about which sport is rightfully named, not who uses the most steroids. I am American and proudly admit that we were dumbasses to give our sport and already taken name. What sense does it make to call a sport football when you only use your feet once in a blue moon to kick a tiny ball through a massive goal that any football(i mean with feet) player could make easily?
BritBeef (29 Mar, 2012)
America is rich hahaha please, you are in so much debt to china that they own u hahaha handegg is a great name for that lame game hahahaha
Grant (29 Mar, 2012)
Erm... About the athlete thing... have you SEEN your linemen? Most of them are obese. And athletics isn't just about strength, or muscle size and tone. It can be, but it depends on the area you're trying to apply it. As FOOTBALLERS are essentially endurance athletes, they tend to be slimmer. On the other hand, as the most running handegg players do in a go is usually about 40 yards, they tend to be bigger as they are sprinters. Just wondering, which do you think would make a better marine?
James (10 May, 2012)
America is the most obese nation on the planet and 99% of America is completely ignorant to what's going on in the outside world.
meep. (10 Jun, 2012)
Pretty sure he was kidding. As an american, when i read this, i sense the humor. maybe such a tone doesnt exist outside of this country.
you guys are just being mean, using curse words and the like....
just saying.
Bob Houston (27 Jun, 2012)
And Landon Donovan is american or not?? Think it,friend...
Mike (12 Aug, 2012)
The US is one of the wealthiest countries in the world!? Far from it, China owns your ***. "Superhuman power machines"? Yeah, so superhuman they're afraid to get hurt and needs to hide behind ridiculous amounts of protective gear.
John (12 Aug, 2012)
Technically Mike if they took their gear off people would die constantly because eggball is bloody brutal..
Mike (31 Dec, 2012)
Indeed John, people would be killed and that certainly doesn't sound like "superhuman power machines" to me.
You Igit (4 Apr, 2013)
Calling Handegg "football" is like calling Football "Headball", because the ball touches someone's head once or twice a game. Football is what simpletons call soccer.
hitchez (4 Mar, 2012) Reply
NFL (handegg) is boring
Cogburn (20 Mar, 2012) Reply
So would rugby become 'Extreme Hangegg' since there's no padding?
LOL (18 Oct, 2012)
you made my dat :P
Anna (25 Mar, 2012) Reply
The egg-shaped "ball" (or shall we better call it an egg-shaped device, since geometrically speaking, a ball cannot be egg-shaped - it supposed to be spherical, otherwise it's not a ball) is not really egg-shaped either. I mean, have you ever seen an egg with such pointed tips? That's a really weird egg. So, for the sake of preciseness, I suggest to call the game "Handweirdegg". Or "Handoddegg".
Some Guy (26 Mar, 2012) Reply
Handegg is actually a good name because if you think of it, in Handegg, if the "egg" touches the ground it cracks and you end up with an omelet on the gridiron and that marks the first down and so forth. Maybe America should adopt a better , more meaningful name for its favorite sport (other than baseball, nascar, basketball, hockey, and eating?)
ThatGuyOverThere (12 Sep, 2012)
Handegg is actually the most popular American sport. As a fan, I'm perfectly willing to call it handegg if the metric types here will admit that handegg is a more entertaining sport than football.
origamifreak92 (7 May, 2012) Reply
i love the name "handegg" better than "football (in american terms)". handegg definitely makes more sense, cuz football here isn't played w/ feet! but if name of sport=handegg, ball=egg???
alex (14 May, 2012) Reply
Historically, England invented Association Football (soccer) and Rugby Football (rugby). both sports have a claim to the word "football". As Association Football is more popular in England, it is the de facto Football. So you have Football and Rugby. The USA should think of changing the name to American Rugby instead seeing that the MLS is on course to surpass the NFL soon.
Football Lover <3 (22 May, 2012) Reply
kabby919 (27 May, 2012) Reply
#1 stupidest thing ive ever seen
CPB (21 Sep, 2012)
Then I guess you've never seen Monday Night Handegg.
Sam (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
I would like to direct you fellow gentlemen to the brilliant words of John Cleese
(visit link)
Summing it up beautifully i think.
EbonAnomoly (10 Jun, 2012) Reply
Oh cute! Memes! Remember when there were no internet or computers and AMERICA came along and fixed that for you? Remember when memes became possible because of us?
My thinking is, if you don't like FOOTBALL (and therefore everything that Americans stand for (lol)), you should distribute your hateful memes via leaflet.
.... Oh and PS. You're welcome.
yeyo (8 Aug, 2012)
btw... how many languages do you talk? just one, cause you're "american" (not a real demonym, by the way) and hence, ignorant. That's how U are known all over the world, deal with it.
Mike (12 Aug, 2012)
Remember when the internet was only used for BBS'ing by a handful of universities and research institutions and englishman Tim Berners-Lee came along and fixed that for you by inventing the World Wide Web?
Triangle (12 Jun, 2012) Reply
Everything makes perfect sense now.
potato (17 Jun, 2012) Reply
abc (18 Jun, 2012) Reply
face the truth
Noah (17 Feb, 2013)
God save the queen!
shut up (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
i like how everyone refers to plastic pads as "armor". i've played both sports and they're both good in their own way, but are you kidding me? do you know how many people get pissed at me during futbol games because i pushed him around a bit so he wouldn't get the ball? in professional soccer, do you see the sissies on the ground when someone trips them? i know how it feels to be tripped in soccer and i also know how it feels to be leveled by a 200-pound mass of muscle while wearing my "body armor". the protection pads offer really is slim to none, but no one understands this.
dtbigbear (6 Aug, 2012)
AMEN! every thing you just said is true!
football (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
(visit link)
rob (7 Jul, 2012) Reply
oh alright
Etymology (10 Jul, 2012) Reply
This is stupid. The word football was first used to describe a variety of sports played on foot (instead of horseback).
What even makes this more stupid you don't only use your feet in association football. You can use your chest, head, back etc. (everywhere except arms and hands).
COOK (19 Jul, 2012) Reply
Creed (29 Jul, 2012) Reply
American Football players suffer more career ending injuries than Rugby players. How many rugby players have to worry about a 350lb mountain of muscle smashing into them at full speed? Even the "obese lineman" can outrun the average person.
With that said Futbol is the better sport of the 3.
dtbigbear (6 Aug, 2012)
sdjfkl (2 Aug, 2012) Reply
handegg is just rugby for sissies
Football (7 Aug, 2012) Reply
Rugby was invented in Rugby.
Football is played with foot and ball.
Soccer ????
Amercian football ????
Handegg is played with hand and egg-ball.
Americans ???? You dumb toast eye
Yomama (11 Aug, 2012) Reply
Its called football because the sport comes from rugby wich full name is Football Rugby
sure (12 Aug, 2012)
yes, most people dont understand that. i've never seen an egg shaped like an american football before but have seen many shaped like a rugby football. maybe rugby football should be called rugby handegg too.
Hmm.. (28 Aug, 2012)
You don't approve of the "egg" part, sure? Fine, let's call it Tiny Zeppelin Shoving Contest then.
B-More Ravenous (14 Aug, 2012) Reply
Association Football was shortened to Soccer back in the 1800's by the English to distinguish it from Rugby Football. Rugby Football is named after Rugby school in Rugby England. American Football is obviously named after the continent of North America. An American football has the general shape of an egg, oval, but other than that it looks nothing like one. It is not white. It has laces on one side and it has pointed ends. Now, a Rugby football is also shaped similarly to an egg, oval, and looks more like one. It is usually white. It is smooth all around, no laces. And it has rounded ends instead of pointed ones. Rugby should be called Eggby. Now that is a clever nickname.
EuroBabeLOLTurk (20 Aug, 2012) Reply
America plays only their own crap sports lol
RM (3 Sep, 2012) Reply
You used a British SOCCER player playing in an American SOCCER team's uniform. Your argument is invalid.
JZ (19 Sep, 2012)
How does that make an argument invalid?
Justin Zarycki (6 Sep, 2012) Reply
I am American and it truely pisses me off that other ignorant Americans took football's name, it is an utter disgrace, people of Europe and throughout the rest of the world I assure you not all Americans are ignorant and think Handegg is the only real sport. Also @soccer.. you are an idiot how can you say there is no strategy in football?! there are way more tatical changes you can do in football than in handegg and we have to do it on the fly we can't just stop the game to plan out things because football players are actually smart and can adapt to situations that are happening without having it explain to use every 30 seconds, also if you actually watch a football game you would realize that most games don't end up 0-0 one of the more common score lines would be like 3-1 3-1 4-2 something like that. Also along that note about the score, it is relatively the same as handegg because the scoring system for that sport (and I use that term loosely for them) goes by 7 and 3 for the most part and a common score line would be 21-14 24-17 14-10 ect. which is in fact the same as 3-2 3-1 ect. you just think it is more but it really isn't, if handegg was scored by 1's most game would end like 3-1 so would that mean it is boring? You probably would say that it is boring and all games end 0-0 if it was scoring was by 1's. and lastly @'america how much more of an idiot can you be.. intelligent country? maybe without people like you, but last I checked we weren't even in the top 25 and also we have one of the biggest debts ever and you are calling us rich? FOOTBALL>Handegg and forever will be.
I rest my case.
paz (8 Sep, 2012)
your all morons for fighting senselessly who cares. Keep your opinions to yourself its sports...made to entertain. Each sport has its own unique appeal, They both require a great deal of stamina and athletic ability, along with strategy. Also for the people who think American football players are "creampuffs" cause they wear pads. Go say it to their face, a linebacker will weight about 250 pounds and run a 4.5 40 yard dash. If that hit you your bones will automatically break, more force than a battering ram.
Makarov (15 Sep, 2012) Reply
NHEL (National Hand-Egg Leagu)
anonym91 (22 Sep, 2012) Reply
There's football, american football and rugby football. They all have the same roots, english schools/colleges, but 160 years ago every school had his own rules how to play football. So they couldn't play against other teams until some people try to fix rules for every school. But some people also want to use their hands and other things that aren't allowed in association football and so they invented rugby football. Later they noticed that it is weird to call a game football if you rarely use your feet to play the ball and they decided that the first part of the name(rugby) is more important than the second one and everyone understands what rugby means. And after football and rugby already existed americans mixed it up and so they called it american football. There's no problem with that, cause it's based on football and was invented in america. But you shouldn't change footballs name just because you adopted a few of it's ideas. Football is way bigger than american football and of course it has way more to do with a foot and a ball than american football. You could cut american football the same way rugby football did. So the sports should be called american and i think noone will regret. Of course most afootball players are stronger and faster than football player but they have to eat lots of steroids to combine weight and speed.
Andrew (26 Sep, 2012) Reply
Lets call it gridiron like some of the Brits do. It sounds badass
this is pointless (27 Sep, 2012) Reply
im sure football was called football because of the way it was first played because football has been changed a lot since it first started
zander93 (27 Sep, 2012) Reply
So many people I want to punch in the face right now. If you are dissing American football and never played then shut up. If you dissing futbol and never played then shut up. I played both futbol for 3 and American football for 7, and I enjoyed both. Everyone is diffrent, Fifa and Madden are both fun.
leet_beast (28 Sep, 2012) Reply
"Ball" is defined as: A solid or hollow sphere or ovoid, esp. one that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game.
The ball measures 1 foot in length (30.48cm)
Thus Football.
Deal with it.
The-arrow-placement-sucks (30 Sep, 2012) Reply
Ankle ball
Elbow egg... this discussion is absolutely useless...
A Stupid Brit (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
What's even funnier is the arrow pointing to the "hand" is clearly pointing to the elbow. If you want to diss an entire sport and nation you may as well get something as easy as that right....
Ian (7 Oct, 2012) Reply
Gavin Free (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
itdoesntlooklikeanegg (5 Feb, 2013) Reply
I think the swiss are kinda offended.(clue: handegg wikipedia article.)
MiddleOfAmerica (9 Mar, 2013) Reply
I'm American and think Handegg fits it well. I can't believe the inventor of it called it a sport that was already taken. Both games are fun to both play and watch, everyone shouldn't be so quick to judge. And also I think most Americans still brainwashed by the TV should keep their mouth shut because your making the rest of us look bad. We shouldn't be so pissed about it since the name WAS already taken and they ARE two completely different games. But also non Americans should lay off. If you were brought up your whole life knowing something by a certain name it would be awfully hard for you to not call it that right? Everyone here arguing was not alive when any of our countries started their stupid shit so we have no room to blame anyone for anything. Everyone stfu and get along lol.
brady (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
E.Smith or David Beckham
Flores (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
This rant covers it well: (visit link)
Kiril Trichkov (19 Apr, 2013) Reply
I sincerely hope that in a decade or two this becomes the official word for the sport.
GorillaRadio (19 Jan, 2014) Reply
World football derives its name from the fact that it is played on foot, as opposed to on a horse. Not because you use your feet to kick a ball. American football is actually much closer to what was originally called "football." I think most people that perpetuate this argument have some kind of inferiority complex when it comes to Americans. There is actually no reason to compare the sports outside of their names, find something better to do with your time like watch the sports.
Big Papa (27 Feb, 2014) Reply
U R ful ov h8!1!! one!!!11
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