You're an ant
How would you convince an anteater to not eat you?
You're an ant
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Bunga (29 Dec, 2008) Reply
I'l wallk in strange patterns, so eater can see Im inteligent ant
Sid (30 Dec, 2008) Reply
I'll convince him to b a Vegetarian.
Kainim (30 Dec, 2008) Reply
I make him clear I'm an alien morphed into an ant, and if he just even TRIES to eat me i'll exterminate his whole race then lightly walk of looking for cover
Bubba (30 Dec, 2008) Reply
"If you dont eat me i will show you where all my friends and family are and help you round them up and eat them, some of them are pretty chubby too, mmmmmmmm"
Ion (30 Dec, 2008) Reply
I terrorist ant i have bomb!I blow you up from insideee!!
Arnas (30 Dec, 2008) Reply
Silly person, ants can't talk.
karakar (30 Dec, 2008) Reply
"Not again!"
commentus (31 Dec, 2008) Reply
I take him back to the Ant colony and let him eat all the other ants in exchange for my freedom. Then I laugh as all my fellow ants die horrible deaths.
Ant (1 Jan, 2009) Reply
LaLa (3 Jan, 2009) Reply
I'm a poison dart ant. New species. Google me. Eat me you die.
Aunt (5 Jan, 2009) Reply
Actually, I'm not an ant. Its just a typo there...
Kiz (6 Jan, 2009) Reply
I'll tell him I have Aids.
Streetsamurai (14 Jan, 2009) Reply
Dear Mr Anteater, As an Ant-eater,You think therefore you are. I think,therefore I am, If I think therefore I am, I must be an Ant-eater and thats just Cannibalism.
blam blam (30 Apr, 2010) Reply
take out my .45 pistol and shot the hell out of him.
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