Google knows everything
Even the name of the worst band in the world.
Google knows everything
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larrydnd71 (28 Dec, 2008) Reply
creed rocks!
stilgar (29 Dec, 2008) Reply
it's a fake.
LandLord (29 Dec, 2008)
Works for me. I checked it. Did you try to type it in Google?
vroteier9 (13 May, 2010)
haha, it still the same after all this time
Weirdling (29 Dec, 2008) Reply
...creed is good...god bless google
pelon (29 Dec, 2008) Reply
jajajajaja, a new clasic
fkg (30 Dec, 2008) Reply
creed sucks
basroldesen (31 Dec, 2008) Reply
fake results :)
bushman (7 Jul, 2009)
people are retarded and saying its fake. how hard is it to actually try? real =]
vroteier9 (13 May, 2010)
yes, next time check the stupid thing before you make yourself look stupid, again
britney (3 Jan, 2009) Reply
nah it would be n*sync not creed,,, oh boy
floopsnack (5 Jan, 2009) Reply
Uhh...y'all should check it for yourselves. The pic's real.
breee (6 Jan, 2009) Reply
creed sucks
Skittles (11 Jan, 2009) Reply
hai (11 Jan, 2009) Reply
it's real
nick (15 Jan, 2009) Reply
i agree creed suck, and i dont think you are meant to think its real, just get the joke i think its funny but i know its fake..... nickelback are the worlds worst band
navin (16 Jan, 2009) Reply
its actually true....I din't believe it but I actualy shows creed!!
David (24 Jan, 2009) Reply
It's for real. Try it and see. Creed is not the worst though.
PunkySkunk (6 Feb, 2009) Reply
Ha! They do suck. I tried it. Google rocks.
Ruben (24 Feb, 2009) Reply
Hoho, is funny because it's true, hohooho...
MZ (27 Feb, 2009) Reply
It works in; in, for instance, it doesn't.
hirnrissigermann (27 Aug, 2009) Reply
That's tough call; Nickleback should be in there too.
++ (28 Aug, 2009) Reply
still true
CREED ROCKS! (17 Mar, 2010) Reply
Creed is AWESOME! U guys say they suck because u r trying to hide ur own insecurities about your ugly fat bodies that look like jello!
...4yearsLater (18 Nov, 2012) Reply
...and Creed is STILL the worst band according to Google,... and me.
...6yearslater... (7 Jan, 2014)
still the same...i feel ya
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