How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you?
Made by Matthew Inman.
How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you?
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NCprospector (1 Jan, 2009) Reply
This is exactly what my cat has been doing...thanks for the warning.
Omg (4 Jan, 2009) Reply
my cats been doing all that for 11 years and shes getting stronger she jumped me today and stabbed my side. {shes getting stronger} IM GOING TO DIE!!
Tori (25 Jul, 2013)
I feel ur pain
:D (5 Jan, 2009) Reply
Lol that is amazing.
oh noes (21 Jan, 2009) Reply
I'm scared... Send help. . .
DjRust (14 May, 2009) Reply
U know....posting this is dangerous...there are people so stupid to take this as it's written and really believe this.
andrew (15 Aug, 2009) Reply
dude he trys to ambush me all the times
but fails hahaha
Megan (7 Aug, 2011) Reply
this was pretty wicked
siljo (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
My cat is trying to kill me :D
Starr (15 Mar, 2012) Reply
I alsways knew this in the back of my mind. Now I have the proof!
Gracie (12 May, 2012) Reply
I need help from other cats how do I kill my owner
Cats are EVIIIILLLLL!! (17 May, 2012) Reply
Long live The Oatmeal!!!
MallyMerky12 (2 Jan, 2013) Reply
OMG so true LOL!!!
chelsea (21 Mar, 2013) Reply
ahaha ppl actually believe this ok the kneading is a sign of affection somewhat they do this to the mother cats while they drink her milk and some still tru to find milk my cat does this to my jacket all the time trying to get milk from it lol, sleeping on electronics they either want more attention from u so they sit or sleep on stuff that ur more interested in or they just like the warmness from it,sprinting out of a room ur entering most likely theyre playing with u kinda like hide and seek or tag its not a failed atempt to kill anyone cats are smart but they look up to u as a leader,hideing in places watching u they probably are interested in what ur doing and is scared to come out like for instance if ur vacuming the noise scares them but theyre interested at the same time so they watch where they think theyre safe like under a table or high up like a cat tree,throwing up grass well i dont know how to explain this cause mine never eats grass but im shure its nothing to worry about maybe ur cat likes grass but grass dont like it lol,the dead animal thing theres alot of reasons y they do that 1 is they think of u as the leader and want to impress u and and show u how good they are at hunting 2 their tiger like instincts think its food but i know some dont really eat it but when they hunt food they make shure to share especially with the packt leader in this case its u but dont ever reject it itll upset them and make them fell theyre worthless im not saying eat it but just wait till they leave and throw the dead rodent away and 3rd it is a gift offering and also like an acceptance offering like the cat accepts u as the leader u should feel honnerd if ur cat does this,stareing contest is just a thing they like to do it doesnt mean theyre testing u my cat does this alot and during these contest shell slowly blink at me wich is like a kiss but from a cat its really adorable and fun for them, the litter thing is not about burrying u they either dont like the cat litter or they like to cover their buisness relly good wich involves kicking and a mess lol but it dont mean no harm so i hope this gives u insight on how cats do they dont want to kill u their brain only limits them to killing birds,rats ect not humans look cats are smart but not that smart lol
Tori (25 Jul, 2013) Reply
Looks like my catS are teaming up to kill me....
David (18 Aug, 2013) Reply
Uhm bye world
Victim (14 Sep, 2013) Reply
I'm dead. Xl
Ugh (16 Oct, 2013) Reply
I'm screwed, both my cats do this to me. They regularly sleep on my phone, and my youngest cat kneades my stomach every morning. IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!!
Mr.Cat (12 Dec, 2013) Reply
Ha, ofcourse we cats don't want to kill you humans, you ''Disgusting'' beings are just doing a bad job at taking care of us, just like my owner. 1.Renew the scratching post, or ''couch'' whatever you humans call it, it's getting old and all scratched up. 2. Buy me freakin catnip. 3. When i want attension, YOU GIVE IT TO ME. 4. You will love me more than your parents and your girlfriend/boyfriend.
rgwyha (31 Dec, 2013) Reply
my cat does all this but throw up grass, because she cant get to the grass
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