The periodic table of awesoments
Ba (Mr.T) + Bf (beef jerky) = pure awesomeness.
The periodic table of awesoments
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Southern Comfort (29 Dec, 2008) Reply
Chuck Norris has no abbreviation
morm (30 Dec, 2008)
Chuck Norris is an abbreviation....for master of the universe
falling higher (10 Jan, 2009) Reply
it doesnt have bruce lee!!!!
Reelix (16 Jan, 2009) Reply
cyclops (16 Jan, 2009) Reply
Where the hell are the flying cars?
balloonknot (16 Jan, 2009) Reply
Bacon should have two spots
Stephanieeee (18 Jan, 2009) Reply
Oniönhead (4 Oct, 2012)
Stevens (14 Feb, 2009) Reply
There is no Ninja Pirate or Pirate Ninja, I don't know which one is more awsome
JPatty (21 Mar, 2009) Reply
Very well thought out!
Ash (21 Jan, 2011) Reply
BOB SAGET. Gosh I hope I'm not the only one who loves him.
huh?!? (10 Mar, 2011) Reply
I couldn't find Barney Stinson?
Person (14 Jun, 2012) Reply
When we put two bacon together, we make a ninja and a huge amount of energy. Sweet.
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