Are you kidding me?
And his name is Barack? Sweet!
Are you kidding me?
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Kasdaye (31 Dec, 2008) Reply
Kinda makes you wonder what he would say if he were still alive.
Sam (12 Jan, 2009) Reply
Martin Luther King was a Republican, he wouldn't have voted for Barrack. Let's not forget he was also a Reverend who would have been against abortion, and same sex marriage two things Barrack supports. People who think he would have supported Barrack are ignorant fools.
Cory (19 Jan, 2009)
Honestly, Sam? You have some serious misinformation if you believe Obama supports abortion and same sex marriage. He is pro-choice, but in no way thinks abortion is correct and does not agree with same sex marriage. Jesse Jackson is also a reverend and in fact supports Obama and was crying the night he was elected. Welcome to the real world same, its not as cut and dried as you think it is.
Chipper (25 Jan, 2009)
Actually Cory, it is cut and dry. MLK was black, and so is Barack (sort of). Therefore he would have voted for him.
Lester (21 Jun, 2009)
Actually, if you look at his Senate voting record, Obama is the number one supporter of abortion, and he is against same sex marriage. Cory, MLK had at least a shred of intelligence, unlike Jesse Jackson, so they probably wouldn't support the same person.
Mordant (2 Feb, 2011)
Supporter of abortion and supporter of the right to choose what happens in your body are two different things.
j13 (4 Feb, 2009) Reply
I agree a black person may have been strongly tempted to vote obama even if the did not like him, but there are conservative black republicans (rare though they be) and they would not support or vote for obama. Some spoke out publicly. As for me I voted for Obama because he made far more sense than McCain (aka W the second, fro all his denials)
klikk (20 Apr, 2009) Reply
Honestly, it doesn't matter AT ALL what Dr King thinks...He's dead remember, his contributions to this world are OVER.
Truth (3 Dec, 2009) Reply
MLK would have definitely voted for Obama for they both studied and support communist ideology.
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