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Kasdaye (31 Dec, 2008) Reply
I'm pretty sure they have it backwards, like most fundies. God is the fairy tale.
MSmith (5 Jan, 2009) Reply
that guy is very very sonfused, but with any belief in religion you have to ignore all the facts and scientific evidence and then just believe whatever the hell you want
Crispy (2 Feb, 2009) Reply
Wow, we had dinosaurs and then had retard baby after retard baby and started to have complex thougths and we evolved a conscious. Maybe you should think about the logic of the idea before you make up crap. i.e. Umm... the longneck dinosaur was real. O wait, that was our bad, it never existed. Come on people.
j13 (4 Feb, 2009)
Crispy you really shouldn't get your evolutionary theory from south park.Oh and what are you talking with the "long necked dinosaur"? there were plenty of sauropods This is not in dispute. even if some species of dinosaur was extrapolated incorrectly from remains and later had to be amended that hardly brings down the wholel structure.
Vandur (25 Feb, 2009) Reply
Evolution is a thoery and not a law because so far the fossil evidence has been unable to prove it. There are countless incidents of "micro-evolution" which is where a species exhibits small levels of change but there have been no examples of "macro evolution" which is where one species changes enough to link it to a new species. Considering that the supporters of Evolution theory are supposedly in favour of science its ridiculous that, after so many fossils being found and no macro evolution yet being in evidence, they continue to consider any questioning of the validity of the theory to be foolish. In short, the fossils really do say no.
GoEvolution (18 Mar, 2009)
Vandur, you clearly do not understand what a theory is. A theory is a way of describing a set of facts and evidence in order to reliably explain what has occured and to make predictions about what will occur in future. You seem to think that a theory is something that people simply "reckon" they know, without any particular reason to do so. It is impossible to "prove" a scientific theory, THAT'S NOT WHAT SCIENCE IS. Even with a total weight of evidence, no scientific theory can ever be "proven", because otherwise science would basically be complete, only in maths can anything ever be construed as "proof". Consider germ THEORY, cell THEORY, the THEORY of gravitation, atomic THEORY, chemical THEORY. Hopefully, you would not deny that gravity exists, but in fact, understanding of gravity is poorer than our understanding of evolution. Evolution is one of the strongest theories known to science. Micro-evolution does exist. So does "macro-evolution". There is absolutely no reason to accept micro-evolution and reject macro-evolution, the only difference between them is scale. And whatever outdated second-hand assertions you blindly spout, macro-evolution does exist and has been observed. You can't just say it hasn't and for some reason think that makes you right. The fossil record is remarkably complete, evidence in thousands and thousands of links in evolutionary chains has been observed. But, Vandur, I "believe" you won't listen to evidence, or reason. You will just "believe" in a book of desert writings. This is my hypothesis.
LogiC (19 Apr, 2009) Reply
Evolution doesnt work in big steps, its a long, slow and gradual process. It works through generations. Its the succession of small changes over generations. Of course natural phenomena could cause a comparable quick change (ice ages, meteor impacts, excessive volcanic activity). Remember evolution doesnt work over time, it works over generations. Humans now are different to humans from 10 generations ago.
God (3 Dec, 2009) Reply
Shape up or burn in hell!
Person (14 Jun, 2012)
It's so nice to know that God loves us so much that you would damn us to eternal torture, a literally infinite punishment. It's also nice to know that God is an avid supporter of Taliban policies. God Bless the Taliban.
Fred (23 Apr, 2010) Reply
And that folks is why the USA is a spent force in the world, willful, deliberate, pre-meditated determination to deal with the truth. Will the 21st Century belong to China or India ? Currently China is leading.
Heather (13 Jun, 2010) Reply
Sometimes it's hard to believe that people can be so stupid. The fossils say "YES!"
Delboy (9 Sep, 2011) Reply
This is coming from currently the most powerful country in the world. Scary...
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