Bacon wrapped twinkie stonehenge
Even greater meal than the famous donut bacon burger.
Bacon wrapped twinkie stonehenge
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ROFL (31 Dec, 2008) Reply
"no matter how hard you try, you'll never top this"
LOL (20 Jan, 2009) Reply
mm now im hungry.
YAGS (4 Feb, 2009) Reply
what is that stuff under it grease??
Kevin (5 Feb, 2009)
That stuff under it is just the grease that dripped off of the stonehenge during construction. duh!
fads (6 Feb, 2009)
eggs with mushrooms
Obama (5 Dec, 2009)
Don't know, but it sure looks yummy!
Fnorx (26 Jan, 2010)
not grease, mushroom eggs!
copen-z (5 Feb, 2009) Reply
my wife is making these during the holidays so I can't move out of the house and our bed
wait (25 Feb, 2009) Reply
those are french toast sticks not twinkies not that that's a WHOLE lot better...
karencarpenter (30 Mar, 2009) Reply
billd (31 Mar, 2009) Reply
That's nuts! I love it. I don't care if they're actual twinkies, just the idea that they COULD be.
chipawayboy (31 Mar, 2009) Reply
needs a roof. suggest adding a banana pancake
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