The original homeland security
Fighting terrorism since 1492.
The original homeland security
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sss (5 Apr, 2009) Reply
jj (6 Mar, 2010)
True, damn Americans who sloughtered poor Indians.
You all should burn in hell.
pg (24 Nov, 2010)
you're just jealous you don't live in america lol. jk jk...but seriously.
Look Closely (3 Aug, 2009) Reply
And they had guns in 1492? I think not.
Looked it up (23 Aug, 2009)
This is a photo taken in 1886 of Apache warriors Geronimo, far right, and companions, before surrendering to a General Crook (no lie, this is what I read). There were no cameras in 1492 either, nor did Christopher Columbus ever set foot in North America. It's humor and it's meant to make a point. Actually, the natives of San Salvador where Columbus landed did not fight back, but 90% of them succumbed to unfamiliar European diseases.
naaa (7 Jun, 2010)
lol offcourse not, they fighting since 1492 --> christopher columbus in america
Add To Cart (6 Dec, 2009) Reply
And look where they are now.
Marc (15 Dec, 2012) Reply
Wrong, not the Americans, it were guys who came from another continent...
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