Real-life anime
I hope it's a tattoo.
Real-life anime
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me (28 Mar, 2009) Reply
She looks like a monster :C
mee (30 Apr, 2009) Reply
that is some >wicked awesome< eye shadow=D!!
Flash (29 May, 2009) Reply
Where!!!??? are her real eyebrows?
jsmi (26 Jul, 2009)
Shaven, obviously.
tmagee (24 Mar, 2010)
her eyebrows are whited-out behind the white and blue makeup. they are not shaved. . .look closer.
Tenmishia (28 Oct, 2009) Reply
She Obviously is closing her eyes
??? (2 Jan, 2010) Reply
Eyes do not look like that! Simply creepy!
Party Down (27 Jun, 2010) Reply
Its a shame that she won't be able to see anything once the face paint seeps into her eyes and kills her retinas or something
.... (25 Jul, 2010) Reply
i like anime but this creeps me out =.= my eyes are burning now, PLEASE DONT DO THIS PEOPLE, PLEASE JUTS COSPLAY!
wow.. (30 Aug, 2010) Reply
freaky ._."
Halie (25 Nov, 2010) Reply
You are Cute But i can see why you want to keep people from doing what you did! it looks painful.
domo (19 Mar, 2011) Reply
omg she looks soo cool
CityGirl (5 Jun, 2011) Reply
Cool I like it :)
Nonofyabuisness (29 Mar, 2013) Reply
Soooooooo fake duh
That is really stupid
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