Female (?) bodybuilder
I can't believe that's a woman.
Female (?) bodybuilder
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ashley (19 Apr, 2009) Reply
Now thts just wrong
Lordy Lordy (3 Jun, 2009) Reply
Even the shadow just looks wrong! This cannot be a woman!
Kate (1 Jul, 2009) Reply
great... now I can't eat my pizza. Sick.
Freddy (12 Sep, 2009) Reply
The face is photoshopped!
Guido (19 Jun, 2012)
I can tell by the wrinkles
KB9813 (7 Apr, 2013)
ah nope
Doug (28 Oct, 2009) Reply
I love female body builders but this one....too freekin manly. I'd have to say NO to this one.
Zooey (1 Nov, 2009) Reply
I really hope it's a guy fooling around wearing a bikini.
Bronwyn (15 Nov, 2009) Reply
Shut Up Guys ! she is a woman. good on her ! she could be doing other things much worse ! she actually looks nice.
If u have anything nasty to say about someone else just keep it to your self u sad lossers !
A Dude (2 Jan, 2010)
You'll regret this statement when you sober up!
Tha Ugly Truth (12 Jan, 2010) Reply
Who ever said she/it looks good is telling a lie. This is the ugliest thing/woman i have ever seen. Manly body, feet, hands...
Don (28 Jan, 2010) Reply
Welcome to the effects of steroids, kids.
vanityxbanity (25 May, 2010) Reply
...omg that...is...a...WOMAN!!! OMFG that is creepy all body builders are scary!!!
Nathan (1 Jun, 2010) Reply
Eve (21 Jun, 2010) Reply
Oh wow. Is this real?
brassy (31 Jul, 2010) Reply
uuurrrr dats disgustin
spider (20 Aug, 2010) Reply
god damn thats really sick sorry but she does not look like a she anymore
Pebbles (28 Sep, 2010) Reply
Yes she is real her name is Joanna Thomas there was a documentary on her awhile back she also sounds like a man from the steroids... What confuses me if your a woman who wants to be a man and treated like one sure fine take testosterone, but she claims she doesn't. Whitch doesn't make any sense to me.
Marybeth (31 Jan, 2011)
Actually this is Maria Calo, not Joanna Thomas. Her website is mariacalo.com Thank You. If you dont like female bodybuilders then dont look at the pictures.
roxas (30 Dec, 2010) Reply
Gooood on you for doing something you want to do! If this makes you happy, then you should be proud :)
isabella rawlings (4 Jan, 2011) Reply
she is so pretty! :O
Sophie (22 Jan, 2011) Reply
This looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger had a baby with Iggy Pop.
shenanigans (16 Feb, 2011)
sean (7 Feb, 2014)
Spot on, iggy and arnie hahaha
john (30 Jan, 2011) Reply
you momma (24 Feb, 2011) Reply
ohh yeah thats the perfect woman! dont you agree? if some1 bullys you she can totally beat him up for you !!! ^^ do some1 have her number? :)
Kate (28 Feb, 2011) Reply
Regardless of gender this thing looks disgusting
anybody who finds this attractive is either drunk or mentally disabled
duck (21 Jun, 2011) Reply
omg she looks like a man
PB (31 Jan, 2012) Reply
There only 1 way to find out!
Daphnee (13 Jun, 2012) Reply
is that even a women? ... what is that ..??
getmusclemassfast (26 Aug, 2012) Reply
while not my type of woman it takes alot of work and dedication to achieve that. Also keep in mind she is in contest shape when her body fat is normal she will look much different.
kwest (1 Dec, 2012) Reply
ok first if it was a broad there would be no weight in the pocket yo.. secondly they just dont make them THAT fugly
ROID MODE (14 Mar, 2013) Reply
you can take the bra off. you're officially a dude now.
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