Love letter
Jessica must stop dating people from the internet.
Love letter
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Jessica (31 Dec, 2008) Reply
Hey guys, that's not nice
South (14 Mar, 2009)
Nope, not nice, but still funny and a bit psychopathic.
Anita (29 Apr, 2009) Reply
Hey, this guy is cool!
ehem (27 Jun, 2009) Reply
I dont see what's wrong with it
squid (28 Jun, 2009) Reply
Jessica, give him a chance.
Monkey (21 Feb, 2010) Reply
What's more romantic than a letter full of metaphores from Star Wars, I mean really. Imagine his vows.
Aww (8 May, 2010) Reply
I would definitely give him a chance, how can you resist Star Wars!
Martin (24 Jun, 2010) Reply
As a fanboy, I wish I could meet a fangirl...
This is so awesome.
Cute-Alina (11 Jan, 2011)
Here i am, the fangirl..i really like star wars, all SF movies...i like all kinds just depends on what i want to see at a specific moment...i can watch a movie a lot of times, and discover some details that i might have am talking a lot...nice to meet you fanboy (Martin)
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