The dangers of WoW
It can ruin your marriage.
The dangers of WoW
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ggg (10 Apr, 2009) Reply
wow is not a disease morones
3=21 (27 Jun, 2010)
You're's an addiction.
And don't try saying it's not. I bet you can quit playing any time you want can't you? And even if YOU can...I'll be willing to bet at LEAST 60% of players can't. Most of the people that play the game are addicted to it.
Mischa (26 May, 2009) Reply
this is so funny
Lordy Lordy (3 Jun, 2009) Reply
This site has the same affect on me!
Ironic (6 Nov, 2011) Reply
I find it hilarious that there happens to be a wow gold farming guide advertisement at the top of this page (when I accessed it). :D
kyle (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
lol a world of warcraft ad is at the top over this
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