What do USA, Liberia, and Myanmar have in common?
They are the only three countries in the whole world that do not use the metric system.
What do USA, Liberia, and Myanmar have in common?
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Alex Kiss (29 Dec, 2008) Reply
Not true. The UK still primarily uses imperial, i.e. miles, feet, gallons, ounces etc.
MaRmAR (31 Dec, 2008)
Whatever, Alex, it's still only 4 countries...
3=21 (29 Jun, 2010)
Then I guess the rest of the world should hurry up and fall in line huh.
Jack (2 Aug, 2012)
The UK is mixed, using miles and gallons (for speed/distance/fuel) along with kilograms and meters (for most products). Good to see we still have a pint in the pub, but drinks sold in shops are primarily in metric units.
Aksel (19 Mar, 2009) Reply
What systems do Liberia and Myanmar use then?
Shadow (20 Mar, 2009)
@Aksel: Same as the US, those two countries use the imperial system (miles, feet, gallons, ounces, etc.), just as Alex Kiss said. I live in the US and personally, I think the whole imperial system is stupid. Metrics is at least a base 10 system. Imperial is just composed of random numbers (especially degrees Fahrenheit!)
eudoxus (20 Mar, 2009) Reply
yes its out of date. yes its complicated when compared to metric. but motivating a whole country to completely change systems is not going to happen. not in this era.
:P (22 Mar, 2009)
wouldnt be possible anyway... everyone knows americans have inferior intelligence..
Aido (1 Apr, 2009)
Well, it's been done already in several countries.
European dude (22 Aug, 2009)
When Europe turned to Euro, many people thought it would impossible no to think in their older currency and well, francs, marks and escudos are gone forever.
Common sense (3 Apr, 2010)
@ Eudoxus and others like him: It's ridiculous to think that the USA can't change over when almost all other countries in the world managed to do it. I'm from Canada and it was successfully accomplished here. I was lucky enough to have grown up with it, but it definitely makes calculations and conversions much easier. Perhaps there are fewer differences in temperature, but can you really tell the difference between 40 and 45 degrees fahrenheit? I can't tell a difference between a few degrees celcius. In day to day life many people refer to our height and weight in feet/inches and pounds, but for official purposes they're in cm and kg. Also this tends to occur more with the older generation. I believe this is similar to the UK.
NinjAva (28 Jul, 2010)
Canada did...
Chuck Norris (30 Mar, 2009) Reply
The metric system is way to confusing. I mean where do you get the number 10 from. I mean is 5,280 a perfectly reasonable number.
John (1 Apr, 2009)
Count your fingers, my friend.
:D (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
Once again, an example of America paving the way for future countries to follow.
SuperSparky (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
The centigrade or Celsius measurement of temperature is less precise than the Fahrenheit system. Frankly, I happen to like the Fahrenheit system simply because of that. The liquid measurements for metric and imperial aren't much different, except the metric is based on multiples of ten. Cups, pints, quarts, gallons, etc. of the imperial have rules that make sense, but are not based upon multiples of ten; that are instead based upon ancient forms of measurement at the average person's disposal. All imperial measurements have their logical and practical origins. Each larger measurement contains a multiple of the smaller. That multiple just isn't ten. The imperial system is based upon natural distances (average size of a human foot, length of finger tip to finger tip, distance you can walk in an hour, etc), and does not have its origins in science that the metric has. The imperial system has its origins in the Roman empire. The English monarchy did change some measurements the mile for example (in Rome WAS 5000 feet), was changed to 5280 to accommodate sailors chain measurements. All, nevertheless, have their practical origins that made sense at the time. So both standards are neither stupid nor dumb.
Eric (5 May, 2009)
SuperSparky, you say that the imperial system has rules that make sense? Then when you speak of an ounce, how many drams make up that ounce? Well really it depends on the "simple" rule of whether you are talking about fluid ounces or dry ounces...one has 8 drams and one has 16... Makes perfect sense! xP
a dude (11 Jan, 2010)
Janis (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
I live in the UK, and that's rubbish I'm afraid. The older generation use imperial out of habit. The official system is metric. I have grown up with metres and centimetres, not feet and inches.
LogiC (20 Apr, 2009) Reply
metric system is based off water. 1 litre of water = 10cm^3 (cubed) = 1 kilogram. 0C is freezing point, 100C is boiling point. 1m^3 (cubed) of water is exactly 1 ton. Also another thing of note is you cannot do chemistry using imperial (it is impossible, especially with gases) and physics is a LOT harder just for the base conversions. In comparison imperial does not use a logical system, inches were derived from the middle knuckle of the finger of the king (of England), and a foot was his foot size. It couldn't be more arbitrary and is certainly not practical.
T (3 May, 2009)
yes the metric system is based on water but that doesent mean its without any failure. For example the boiling point of water depends on the pressure. Same thing with the specific gravity.
Anita (28 Apr, 2009) Reply
Metric system is the scientific system. Do people believe in science, who voted as a former president a guy that contends to speak to God?
Sybok (28 Jun, 2009) Reply
The UK DOES NOT use the imperial system anymore! The above map is absolutely correct. You can see this here as well: (visit link) nThere might be a part of the older generation which still uses imperial units, but you have such "traditional units" all over the world. E.g. in Germany the people tend to buy "ein Pfund Hackfleich", which translates to "a pound of ground meat" (but it means 500g btw). This unit is still a part of the colloquial language here, although it is no official unit in Germany since 1884.
Sybok (28 Jun, 2009) Reply
And yes: The UK still uses imperial units in some areas (e.g. for the traffic signs, which are not that quick and easy to change). Anyway - the general official system is the metric one.
B.S. (30 Jun, 2009) Reply
thank god that America saved liberia and myanmar from metric system .. wohoooo
vader (7 Aug, 2009) Reply
you are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor, take her away!!!
USA (19 Apr, 2010) Reply
Good thing we're not a world power or anything...otherwise i'd be REALLY embarrassed.
hate us all you want. we'll still pwn you.
Shepherd (23 Apr, 2010) Reply
Yeah, so... the rest of the world are sheep and Americans are innovative shepherds. Take a quick look at the advancements that world has benefited from, because of American inventors. Most technology that you hold dear and close to you was first invented by an American. Take, for instance, the QWERTY keyboard you're using to try to give a rebuttal.
Not from USA (12 Jun, 2010)
yeah and your scientist have to lern the metrical system to make them, So...GOOD ANSWER ^^
Im me (12 Jun, 2010) Reply
The Union of Myanmar (Burma) uses the "Burmese units of measurement" ( (visit link) ) not the imperial system
David (14 Jul, 2010) Reply
Actually they are the only three countries in the world that have not committed to switch to metric units.
pg (21 Nov, 2010) Reply
Hate imperial.
Lets see...my 7/8ths is to small...what's the next size up..umm...umm..9/16ths?
Ok now...my 9mm is to small what's the next size up. hmmm...oh wait I know 10mm!!! See how easy and not retarded that was?
wattlesong (5 Jan, 2011) Reply
Three dictatorships, one redundant measuring system. Leave them to their stupidity, they are as redundant and useless as the 'system' of measurement they rely on.
Camron (6 Jan, 2011) Reply
I think its only 3 countries
Oniönhead (23 Sep, 2012)
So what you're guessing is that three countries = three countries? You're making a statement that you think 3 = 3? Is that it, or am I missing something?
Pie (1 Feb, 2011) Reply
I don't really care for miles or kilometers... or gallons, litres, gramms and ounces. Both are equal in sense. The only really stupid concept is Fahrenheit. I respect it for trying what Kelvin succeeded in and linking the 100 to human body temperature (although in the end it did not work out) is quite clever. The Fahrenheit 0 is just random and nonsensical.
Sass (10 Feb, 2011) Reply
Metric is good for technology - your science and technology will suck as long as you ise bodyparts to measure it. Look at Japan's technological changes from the point thei adopted to metric system.
Jake (20 Apr, 2012) Reply
I am debating this topic in a debate club. I think that the US, Myanmar and Liberia should change. Considering that three countries out of (about) 195 are the only ones that haven't changed, I think that they should. By the way, 3/195 is .015 (rounded off)
Erika Muah (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
how many different systems does liberia use?
COBRA (3 Aug, 2012) Reply
Here in Canada we measure in beers. How far from Toronto to Montreal? 27 beers! How long to BBQ a burger? 4 Beers. Easy
The Man (3 Mar, 2013) Reply
Who the Hell calls it Myanmar? It's Burma. BURMA!
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