Hurt feelings report
For all the girly cry-babies with sensitive little feelings.
Hurt feelings report
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Elaine (21 May, 2009) Reply
Clod (14 Aug, 2009) Reply
Don't worry. Eventually it will come to this at your workplace.
rob (18 Nov, 2011)
we can only hope the work place would come to this.
Elanthiel (23 Aug, 2009) Reply
I know someone who'd fill this in a couple times a day at the very least.
pg (21 Nov, 2010) Reply
and some times it's hard being a guy lol. Cause you can't be a pansy or else you get pushed out of male society and die.
Brad (10 Nov, 2011)
That's just evolution taking it's course.
tiger (17 Nov, 2011) Reply
my dad wrote that
Tigerblooded Warlock (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
ddfx (23 Jun, 2012) Reply
does sarcasm and intentional misrepresentation of the views or experiences of others help make the world a better place?
Peaprincess (19 Jul, 2012)
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?