4 stages of life
Thankfully, I'm still at stage 3.
4 stages of life
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Jesus (13 Dec, 2013) Reply
Hey Wait - that's MY job.
The Man (14 Dec, 2013)
"Toy delivery" is nowhere in your job description.
The Original Old Guy (13 Dec, 2013) Reply
Not only am I in the #4 category, I also play Santa for several charities.
Cynical Sam (13 Dec, 2013)
I believe in you, Old Guy
Regular Guy who Lives on Earth (14 Dec, 2013)
and I believe in you cynic.
That's scarry (13 Dec, 2013) Reply
I'm a girl.
I'm frighted for my future.
santa claws (13 Dec, 2013)
so sorry that you're scarred
Ron Co (13 Dec, 2013)
Get a No-No.
maxdname (13 Dec, 2013) Reply
"I'm not a Santa Claus but I play one on television..."
Gravdigr (13 Dec, 2013)
"...and I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."
elfonashelf (14 Dec, 2013) Reply
people these days are missing the true meaning of Christmas. It's all about celebrating the birth of Santa
charlie brown (14 Dec, 2013)
Christmas is about crass commercialism and sentimental drivel. We realized this back in the 60's.
Caillou (14 Dec, 2013)
Hi Chuck.
I'm a defanged rip off of you. Bland as a bag of Lipton tea.
Hey webmaster (15 Dec, 2013) Reply
Congratulations on having kids :)
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?