Christmas: a time when all family comes together mock your life choices at the dinner table.
Christmas: a time when all family comes together
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Really? (3 Dec, 2013) Reply
I always thought that this could be a year round thing . . .
Gravdigr (3 Dec, 2013) is at my house.
file_new (17 Dec, 2013)
my house too
Euro (3 Dec, 2013) Reply
Dad...I'm super Gay.
LandLord (3 Dec, 2013)
It's like a common gay person, but with superpowers?
Anon (3 Dec, 2013)
Well...whatever, Son...just get a job and get the super hell out of the basement!
Sica Noctum (3 Dec, 2013)
Then he would not be very common Landlord. There is some difference between Superman from planet Krypton and Commonman from planet Earth for example. I imagine someone with a rainbow cape and the power to spread love and tolerance ? Would like to see his arch nemesis.
LandLord (3 Dec, 2013)
@SN His arch nemesis is right here. His name is Anon.
EUro (4 Dec, 2013)
Hahaha Fail
Clap Clap (3 Dec, 2013) Reply
If you're happy and you know it, tell the relatives to go pound sand.
Anon (3 Dec, 2013) Reply
That card is more fitting for Thanksgiving.
Harald (4 Dec, 2013) Reply
This would apply to the whole internet for me, if any of the information I share about my life choices were accurate.
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