Safety instructions
A good piece of advice.
Safety instructions
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MeSo (27 Nov, 2013) Reply
H2O is over/underrated
Beru (27 Nov, 2013) Reply
Especially if this is an electrical fire
winterhog (3 Dec, 2013)
And in the building that uses elevators there is usually a lot of electrical cables...
What? (27 Nov, 2013) Reply
How do I get out of the building using water? WTF?!?
Ethan (3 Dec, 2013)
You, sir, obviously didn't see the modern 'Mission Impossible' movie.
Gravdigr (27 Nov, 2013) Reply
Sounds legit.
Not a firefighter (27 Nov, 2013) Reply
Please do not! The amount of water you could get from a tap is not sufficient for any serious fire. You are better off using a fire extinguisher. For equipment sensitive to damage by dry chemical based extinguishers, use carbon dioxide! If you still have halon, that's good for that purpose, too. Also, remember, your primary goal while using the extinguisher is to stop the fire from spreading all over the building. Extinguishing the fire is the secondary goal.
Also, if you can't do anything about the fire, there's only one thing to do: run! (When you reach a crowded area, walk calmly! Crushing each other during a fire emergency has killed many people.) Exit the building as soon as possible! Use the stairs! In most modern buildings, the elevator control system gets notified about fires in the building and stops all elevators on the ground floor as soon as possible, so waiting for the elevator while there is a fire is just a waste of time.
Some Guy (28 Nov, 2013)
For some strange reason I hope you become horribly disfigured in a blazing inferno.
Yes a fireman (28 Nov, 2013)
Sign doesn't say water from a tap. Also, I didn't read you're long rambling paragraph, but I know for a fact that you suck.
@yes (29 Nov, 2013)
@@yes (30 Nov, 2013)
You been trolled.
Brit-girl (6 Dec, 2013)
All good safety advice unless you started the fire, then you should just run away and fast!
ted (27 Nov, 2013) Reply
Thank Christ someone explained that for me
Notch (29 Nov, 2013) Reply
Never played Minecraft?
Doofus (29 Nov, 2013) Reply
Especially when the deep fried turkey catches the garage on fire....water, water, water!!
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