Instructions for young dads
You can do this!
Instructions for young dads
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Comic Sans (25 Nov, 2013) Reply
Why, oh why?
Comic Avec (26 Nov, 2013)
Why not, oh why not?
H. Nelson (25 Nov, 2013) Reply
Long time listener, first time caller
lukus (25 Nov, 2013) Reply
Knowing where it goes is not the hard part, it's getting the squirming parts to go where you want them to that's hard. Like dressing an octopus.
DoofusDad (25 Nov, 2013) Reply
The left leg goes in the little tag...I got this.
evw (26 Nov, 2013) Reply
Comic Sans is some encouragement
Jimboom (26 Nov, 2013) Reply
Where the heck can I buy this awesome thing?!
Dad (26 Nov, 2013) Reply
Why do I gotta wear this thing. I'd prefer my boxers and wife-beater.
Brit-girl (4 Dec, 2013) Reply
Yeah but where does the head bit go?
what? (21 Feb, 2014) Reply
where does the head go like wtf do you want to just stuff it in there thats messed up
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