Dirds (dogs + birds)
It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a flying pug!
Dirds (dogs + birds)
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LandLord (18 Nov, 2013) Reply
Awesome :D I would love these to guard my house!
Derpo Marx (18 Nov, 2013) Reply
lukus (18 Nov, 2013)
I could tell by the pixels. But the pugfinch is awfully cute.
Noah (25 Nov, 2013)
Really? By the pixels? I could tell by the way they had joined dog and bird parts together.
ThatOneGuy (26 Nov, 2013)
Yeah, I think the Pit-Cock is native to Australia. You won't see those on a green grassy field. Probably 'shopped.
FBI (2 Dec, 2013)
Derpo Max, we'd be delighted to offer you a position in our digital investigations unit - please call us on 9872398729872983729387-0293-09-0232398798723. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you and to busting some more evil fakers.
Broder (6 Dec, 2013)
You really went with "Pit-Cock"? Cockpit is right there...
Evil (18 Nov, 2013) Reply
OK now, that's enough internet for today.
Dogbert (18 Nov, 2013) Reply
If they fly like birds....and poop like dogs, we're in serious trouble!
Birddogs (18 Nov, 2013) Reply
without bicycles!
Gravdigr (18 Nov, 2013)
Me (18 Nov, 2013) Reply
Bird dogs. I want my 30 seconds back!
rowls (19 Nov, 2013) Reply
Rhoo rhoo
Bols (19 Nov, 2013) Reply
Puguin <3 so cute!
andre (19 Nov, 2013) Reply
this is very funny
54 (20 Nov, 2013) Reply
last one made me lol
Britain, America's daddy (21 Nov, 2013) Reply
and much bird-dogging took place that day
cassamidy (22 Nov, 2013) Reply
Don't take the brown acid
M.A. (24 Nov, 2013)
(Everybody knows, but do they listen?)
digital cuckooclock (23 Nov, 2013) Reply
Fantastic work. Reminds me on FreakingNews (look there).
dog lover (24 Nov, 2013) Reply
iWould love these as a pet
Scaredofbirds (24 Nov, 2013) Reply
Too Disturbing...
Aploss (25 Nov, 2013)
Atheist here, but "The devil is God's monkey." only come to my mind
e2 (24 Nov, 2013) Reply
mix turtles with birds and you can call them Turds... hehehe :)
Dan (29 Nov, 2013) Reply
Who's been playing with the DNA?
The Everly Bros. (30 Nov, 2013) Reply
"He's a bird dog."
(visit link)
cecez (2 Dec, 2013) Reply
you should do my dog! Japanese Chin!
bryan kimble (3 Dec, 2013) Reply
this is why stupid people (like the ones who came up with this crap) should not be alowed to post stuff on the inernet
come-on people really an animal that is part bird and part dog and how many of you are as stupid as they are and believe that none of the good commits where posed by the idiots that came up with fake animals
DefenderOfSilly (3 Dec, 2013)
Wow. Laugh much Bryan?
Lori Burkmmier (3 Dec, 2013) Reply
Wasn't that an aspirin?
jonette (6 Dec, 2013) Reply
loved these. made my day
Smisho (6 Dec, 2013) Reply
I enjoyed the Robhund.
kathy (6 Dec, 2013) Reply
small black bird and a lasopoo
2cents (7 Dec, 2013) Reply
How about a Chinese crested and and a bald eagle?
alovemu (8 Dec, 2013) Reply
This is very strange
but very visible edits
Katy perry (20 Dec, 2013) Reply
really cute I want one
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