Attention! This is not an urinal!
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EUro (27 Oct, 2013) Reply
Two bulges. An urinal for Anon and his partner.
Jerry (27 Oct, 2013)
You must be homophobic.
EUro (27 Oct, 2013)
No, not at all. But Anon is. :-)
@jerry (and EUro) (28 Oct, 2013)
Jerry- I don't think he gets it
EUro- Your comment substantiates the fact the you are homophobic.
EUro (28 Oct, 2013)
No, it does not. It shows you are a moron, Anon. I have gay colleages and customers. And never had a problem with that. You seem to be projecting your own fear.
Jerry (28 Oct, 2013)
Not only homophobic, but bigoted and self delusional also.
EUro (29 Oct, 2013)
Yeah, you got me there. There is no chance to escape your delusions.
Enter 467 here: (29 Oct, 2013)
Please spare us your deviant fantasies of Anon and partner. No further references on your "Two bulges" comment.
Euro (31 Oct, 2013)
As you wish, Anon. So much for freedom of speech. Freedom only for Anonists.
banjo (31 Oct, 2013)
So what if he's homophobic?
Not a genius (27 Oct, 2013) Reply
Actually it is...just a very very messy one!
Zeus (27 Oct, 2013) Reply
Anything's a urinal if you make it one.
Test1 (27 Oct, 2013)
I want to see what happens when you use it. So proceed, please.
Iron Hippo (27 Oct, 2013) Reply
Challenge accepted!
Tastentier (27 Oct, 2013) Reply
Challenge accepted.
Gravdigr (28 Oct, 2013) Reply
Challenge accepted?
Zeus wins! (28 Oct, 2013) Reply
Wait...I'm confused...what do we insert hands into if not urinals?
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