Non-stick fry pan
Nothing sticks to it. Nothing.
Non-stick fry pan
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It's got Iron (19 Sep, 2013) Reply
Oh the IRONY.
nope (2 Feb, 2014)
Its a cheap aluminum one. No iron here!
Prof_Pat_Pending (19 Sep, 2013) Reply
It's actually quite simple to remove the label.
I'ts a water-based food grade adhesive, soak in a mild detergent solution for around ten minutes, and the label will be easily removed.
Oh, please don't eat the label.
Gravdigr (19 Sep, 2013)
Why, you saving it?
Prof_pat_pending (19 Sep, 2013)
Yes, for your Mom.
Lala (19 Sep, 2013)
Latvian eat label.
Then eat potato... if has one.
Okay, yea (19 Sep, 2013)
But do they NEED to put this label directly on he pan? How about a wrapping or colorful ribbon?
On a similar note (20 Sep, 2013)
I think most people here already knew..
daft_idea_banana (20 Sep, 2013)
@ Okay, yea: Why would you wrap a label up, or tie a colourful ribbon around it?
Oh, you spelt 'colourful' wrong. ;-)
Captain Pyromaniac (20 Sep, 2013)
Also, the label is made of paper, so it can be set on fire. It doesn't damage the pan and it's much more fun than any other method of removal.
@daft (20 Sep, 2013)
*the 'u' in colorful (the first, not the second), is region conditional.
daft_idea_bimblington -smythe. (21 Sep, 2013)
It's 'SPELT' and 'COLOURFUL', you silly miseducated cotton pickin' 'Merican.
T'intwerweb is worldwide, doncha know. ;-)
orlee008 (19 Sep, 2013) Reply
warm up the pan before removing,
Handyman (19 Sep, 2013) Reply
Putty knife and some steel wool, you be cookin' with gas.
Me Spel Goode (28 Sep, 2013)
an' if dat don't werk, a paint scraper and a grinder wil do-itt.
Sean Hannity (19 Sep, 2013) Reply
I blame Obama!
Enter 336 here: (20 Sep, 2013)
ghmm (20 Sep, 2013) Reply
One should not remove this label! Its ment to stay there so you know its "non stick" while cooking!
WE THE PEOPLE (20 Sep, 2013)
Shecky (20 Sep, 2013) Reply
I think this is a non-shtick joke. Bada boom.
way-out-there (21 Sep, 2013) Reply
in Soviet Russia, you scrap the pan off the sticker... (did you just read this in a Russian accent?)
sowietejhe truppen! (29 Sep, 2013)
Da,I did.
Teflon Don (27 Sep, 2013) Reply
Pretty slick. But not as slick as moi, capeesh?
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