Aww... too cute
Back when they were friends.
Aww... too cute
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Skallagrim (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
I`d love to give Vladimir a kiss. A Glasgow kiss of course.
Gravdigr (10 Sep, 2013)
You mean a Glasgow Smile?
? (10 Sep, 2013)
Is that a sexy time thing?
Skallagrim (11 Sep, 2013)
@Gravdigr: No, that`s a bit too much, even for Vlad. Also much too timeconsuming, as his goons are always close by. A quick headbutt has a better chance of success.
@?: It depends whether you are a masochist or not, I guess.
WW III (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
I wonder if war between Putin and Obamacare is for them just like a little fight on the playground between little children.
Nona (11 Sep, 2013)
All out war would be sending Anon to Russia.
Reggie Love (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
OK Vlad, keep your stinkin' hands offa Barry!
rep (15 Sep, 2013) Reply
Obama does support gay marridge
Not Being Racist, but... (3 Oct, 2013) Reply
The hand holding the note is white, while the person who is reputedly holding it is black...
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