The most hipsterish bag ever
Btw, is "hipsterish" a real word?
The most hipsterish bag ever
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Alf (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
lukus (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
I don't know. I'd say those pants and shoes are even more hipsterish.
No (10 Sep, 2013)
Pretty soon everything will be 'hipsterish'.
The unhip generation (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
This guy is trying too hard.
I'mDrunk (13 Sep, 2013)
Men wearing purses - that's gay.
Good thing we are about to invade Syria - that's macho.
farouttrain (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
Sorry but this train don't pick up douchebags. Choo choo, outta my way!
Wow (10 Sep, 2013)
You are really rolling with this.
Youssarian (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
The triangle is upside down & should have a little hair.
Old person (11 Sep, 2013) Reply
Tri... triangle? Okay, internet, I give up.
X-Man (11 Sep, 2013) Reply
I still don't get what a hipster is. :-/
. (11 Sep, 2013)
me too :(
Antihipster (11 Sep, 2013) Reply
The adjective would just be "hip".
Or you could go like: hip --> hipster --> hipsterish --> hipsterishness ...
NBG (11 Sep, 2013) Reply
What we call "hipster" now we used to call "gay" in the '80s.
lol (12 Sep, 2013) Reply
cool threads
hey! (15 Sep, 2013) Reply
hi (21 Sep, 2013) Reply
this is also a shirt
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