What do you call primary school in America?
Do you have any idea?
What do you call primary school in America?
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Ginger (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
How come NO ONE is commenting on how beautiful she looks!
Because (6 Sep, 2013)
We all know already, nothing more needs to be said.
Because (6 Sep, 2013)
We're all gay
Sarah (6 Sep, 2013)
yep, so am I
Todd (7 Sep, 2013)
I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is
The Ol' Man (10 Sep, 2013)
She looks like a child! Although she is 23 she looks like 13.
Daniel (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
Has she learned to act yet?
Teachers union (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
Well, if it's a public school, we call them state run indoctrination centers.
Trollolol (7 Sep, 2013)
Public School? You mean, like Eton?
Genies (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
Wish I had a hat like that.
ghmm (7 Sep, 2013)
she don't have a hat.
GrammarCommie (8 Sep, 2013)
@ghmm: she don't have NO hat ;P
Emma (8 Sep, 2013) Reply
She is the goddess above all others. I have never seen a more beautiful female in my life.
Boy George (9 Sep, 2013)
Except me
worst (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
sherlock holmes ever
Chop (18 Sep, 2013) Reply
She's gorgeous - that bottom lip makes me weak....
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