Holiday pics
Before and after smartphones.
Holiday pics
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Clancy the tranny. (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
First! Woo-Hoo!
- Now to look at the picture...
Gravdigr (2 Sep, 2013)
...hope you weren't expecting much.
Kodak moment (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Look what you've done to us.
Diappointed (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Sad truth
Old Man (2 Sep, 2013) Reply
Hawt dawg (3 Sep, 2013) Reply
Mmm sausage (visit link)
Golden Girl (5 Sep, 2013) Reply
I miss disposable cameras. They were so much fun! Too bad you never got to see the pictures though and just threw them away after. Seems kind of a waste.
PhotoDude (6 Sep, 2013)
Nice Office reference.
nick (9 Oct, 2013) Reply
funny comic sooooooo true
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