Some good advice from a t-shirt
Bring a compass, it's awkward when you have to eat your friends.
Some good advice from a t-shirt
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faroutman (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
But your friends are much tastier than a compass.
Farther out man (29 Aug, 2013)
But that compass is filled with sweet, sweet alcohol...
faroutman (30 Aug, 2013)
So are my friends. om nom nom.
GRERERER.. trysaingthisinyourheadhahahawasitfunny? (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
No, it means that when you go into the wilderness, bring a compass so that you can use it and not get lost, then you will be able to escape said wilderness and receive food from somewhere; otherwise, you may have to kill and eat the friends that came with you into the wilderness.
coming or going (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
Shouldn't that be 'take a compass'? If you bring it you already know where you are.
X (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
Said Hannibal Lector...
Trurl (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
Survival tip: If you are out in the wilderness and don`t know what to do, think about what Bear Grylls would have done. Then do the exact opposite. That should increase your chances.
If you still want some outdoor tips via TV, watch some of Ray Mears`programs instead.
Enter 288 here: (29 Aug, 2013)
So when is the right time to start to drink pee?
Trurl (30 Aug, 2013)
You seem eager, so just go for it, I won`t be stopping you.
Greg (31 Aug, 2013) Reply
You don't know how fat and delicious all of my friends are.
Bernie (4 Sep, 2013) Reply
Compasses can be expensive, that's why I only hike with people I despise.
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