Owned lol
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Gamer (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
Well... whadayagonnado... sometimes it's true.
Gravdigr (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
This comic does not merit a comment. D'oh!!
Xbox Dead (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
Man, I really hate those 12 yr old potty mouths.
midleastern (29 Aug, 2013) Reply
This is probably true for most of Europeans and Americans, their mothers are "known" to almost everyone in the town...
Obama Drone (30 Aug, 2013)
But our fathers, on the other hand, are known to no one... including our mothers.
Bush Drone (31 Aug, 2013)
Wife? Me like goat. 'Murica!
midleuropean (3 Sep, 2013)
that's your fantasy, midleastern. reality would dissapoint you.
Marc (31 Aug, 2013) Reply
Hahahah shot is hilarious
EUro (31 Aug, 2013) Reply
It's Anons mom... uhm sister... whatsoever.
Not A Minecraft Player (10 Sep, 2013) Reply
All those little bastards do these days is play Minecraft.
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