If other professions were paid like artists
Made by Melanie Gillman.
If other professions were paid like artists
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Just the Facts (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
No one forced you into becoming an artist, and no one is forcing you into staying an artist if you don't like the pay.
Cal (15 Aug, 2013)
It's a shame that people would rather give their money to lawyers and bankers than artists. I can think of plenty of bands/artists that have given me much more pleasure than my lawyer.
Replying (15 Aug, 2013)
You've obviously never had a passion before.
S.N. (15 Aug, 2013)
This isn't an artist complaining man . This is made by someone trying to make himself feel better by ridiculing artists .
Just the facts (15 Aug, 2013)
Artists should get paid for their work.
Hermion Afrodite (15 Aug, 2013)
You are talking with a picture...
Critic (15 Aug, 2013)
From the looks of the "art" that went into this cartoon, maybe the artist should find a real paying occupation. Just sayin'.
333 (15 Aug, 2013)
You can paint commercial garbage people ask you and get paid for it.
Or you can follow your passion, paint what you want, and have a slight chance of getting paid a lot for it.
Your choice.
Tastentier (16 Aug, 2013)
@S.N.: This wasn't "made" by someone, it was drawn by someone. People who draw things are commonly called... anyone? No? They're artists. Not people ridiculing artists. Now that we've established that this was drawn by an artist, we can safely infer that this artist was indeed complaining about how undervalued his or her work (teehee) is. Which is, of course, complete nonsense.
S.N. (16 Aug, 2013)
@tastentier. So if you draw something you aen't making something ? And not everyone that makes something is automatically an artist or even has to consider him or herself an artist . I believe this was made by someone that has the need to make himself feel supirior by trying to belittle other. An act you yourself seem to enjoy. Well, have fun with it :)
Not a lawyer (17 Aug, 2013)
@Cal: Looks like you've never been threatened with lawsuits and you've never been prosecuted for something you did not do. Or you have, but you had a substandard lawyer. A good lawyer can save your *** in such situations. Not having to pay money to bullies who try to extract money from you by threatening you with lawsuits and not having to go to prison for crimes you did not actually commit can actually be the source of much more pleasure than a comic, painting, song, statue or other piece of art.
Well, yeah, I'm pretty sure there are some people who value art more than liberty and justice, but I think I'm right to assume that they are a minority.
zzz (17 Aug, 2013)
@Not a lawyer: Being a lawyer is not about liberty and justice. It is about manipulating laws in a way that will benefit your client.
euroCRACK (19 Aug, 2013)
@ S.N. I believe you had a need to feel superior, since you were belittling someone else. btw is belittling grammatically correct?
S.N. (19 Aug, 2013)
@ euroCRACK. Actually I just stated what i believed. And I think it doesn't really matter if it's grammatically correct as long as it's understandable what you mean.
Average Joe (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
Yeah damn..... um.... get a job..... move out from your parents
Obvious, the captain (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
Actually, some lawyers do pro bono jobs, doctors in some countries have very low salaries, many scientists throughout history were doing science as a hobby while having a "normal" day job, and most CEOs don't earn nearly as much as the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, either. Also, some artists actually have really, really high wages.
Conclusion: Melanie Gillman is a crappy artist who, instead of realizing she isn't good at art and doing some job she is better at, complains in the shittiest fashion possible.
RWW (15 Aug, 2013)
This. Times 1000.
zxctzxc (16 Aug, 2013)
@Oblivious, the captian: When you aren't good at something, you can improve your skills, instead of immediately switching to another task/job/whatever. Practice can easily overcome lack of natural talent. At least, when it comes to drawing.
Baffled (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
Does this broad even know what supply and demand is...? Added value? Know-how? Just **** it, let her doodle on the sidewalk , less chance of her breaking something.
Juniper (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
This is so stupid it actually makes me angry.
John (17 Aug, 2013)
Really? Then you've never had one of these suggested to you as a reason to give your work away for free.
Yes, there's a supply-and-demand aspect, and yes, there's certainly an aspect of ability that comes into it. But writing and drawing are often considered things that anyone can do, so they aren't valued.
At least until you try it yourself.
Perhaps all a surgeon does is hold a knife and cut. Maybe a lawyer just talks in court. And an artist just draws.
But the doctor knows where and what to cut. The lawyer is paid to know what to say. The arist knows where to put the lines and how many is too many.
A big difference is that we provide training for doctors and lawyers so they don't make their first mistakes without supervision. That's often not true for artists.
They're not valued. But like good doctors, lawyers or even good jingle writers or runners or homemakers, they should be.
Reagan (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
Artists: The original supply siders.
Anon (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
Wait! You forgot the government-grant-addicted artist who's too busy to actually *do* anything...but *still* feels superior to others. Y'know...just like Democrats.
Juju (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
I'am an architect and it's the same thing.
Freddo (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
"Melanie Gillman is a queertoonist living in Denver, CO. She draws a webcomic about a group of LGBT teens stuck in a Christian youth camp, and eats through colored pencils like nobody's business." Yup, that right there will convince me to part with some of my money. Or in other words: **** Off and Die.
Anon (16 Aug, 2013)
Well...that certainly *does* explain alot. Mentally deranged "humor."
Colored pencil eater (16 Aug, 2013)
We didn't eat the green ones.
NJM (25 Sep, 2013)
Wow, slightly biased, are we?
Wow (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
At least we know where the art critics are....right here, commenting. Seems they don't get paid, either.
Erg! (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
Blah Blah, poor bleeding heart artists.
Try doing a PhD, working your *** off (and you actually have to stick to hours etc) for a hungerwage. You actually have a better chance at getting health insurance if you work at starbucks, but at the same time you have none of the freedoms artists have.
Get a real job and quit whining, or enjoy the benefits of being an artists without butthurting about the downsides.
URG! (25 Sep, 2013)
So apparently you never watch movies or TV, read comics or a book or listen to music.
Oh, you do?
Seriously, are people getting dumber every year or WTF is wrong with everybody?
Well (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
I don't need art. Sometimes if I like some art, i buy it. But not the overrated expensive stuff. I mean some artist literally crap on dishes and expect people to pay for it. It's a shame that you might need a lawyer or a bank account or crap. But that's the system. Deal with it.
Art Lover (16 Aug, 2013)
Where can I find a collection of shit on a dish? Amazon? Ebay ?
Sucamela (16 Aug, 2013)
Art Lover, try to Google "merda di artista"
asd (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
CEO habit
Hiddnfox (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
I am a paid artist for a video game company. I worked hard to get there. Worked two jobs for awhile but most importantly I stayed up till 2am-3am every night for a couple years to really strengthen my portfolio. But what really got me the job was a few guys from one of the studio's would come into my 2nd job to eat for lunch. So I met and talked with a few of them for a few months. Got my foot in the door that way.
It's really all about who you know ;P
Of course (16 Aug, 2013) Reply
Art isn't useful. Art is what you do in your spare time.
Bubba Gump (17 Aug, 2013) Reply
You call that shite art?
winterhog (17 Aug, 2013) Reply
This may be true for self-proclaimed artists who think they're next Van Gogh. Normal artists who actually possess some skill work normally, doing commissions that maybe are not the greatly appreciated but help to pay the bills. You know, like the great painters who earned most of their money by doing run-of the-mills portraits or writers who worked as columnists. By the way, there are many independent scientists and business owners who work for passion without any certainty of income.
Also, what many people (especially young ones) don't get is that artist is usually a self-employed entrepreneur, so in addition to their artistic skills they must also possess the ability to advertise and sell their products.
Come on (17 Aug, 2013) Reply
If other professionals were paid like talentless & beginner artists.
Mitrovarr (20 Aug, 2013) Reply
For the biologist, it's probably true.
flll (22 Aug, 2013) Reply
the discussion shows and has always been the same, that non-artists don't give a **** for us :)
Ray (22 Aug, 2013) Reply
This isn't so much speaking to JUST fine artists or professionals in the art/design world who've been fortunate to land and keep a well-paying job over these last few years during the economy collapse. This applies to the graphic designers, architects, musicians, professional photographers and others who produce work that you use, hear and see every day that are most times just out of college, working their butt off and trying to get their careers started. The point of this was that people in these respectable professions in the cartoon would most likely never be caught saying these things. It's not appropriate because their work is valued. However, for a person or company to go to a designer and want them to rebrand their image (logo/any and all materials/etc) is also extremely valuable to that person or company, but quite often when getting started, the designer is hired on as a contractor and receives no full-time benefits from the company or they are interns and are guaranteed exposure rather than pay. Just one example. You'd never do that because you value your work, and we feel the same.
LW (24 Aug, 2013) Reply
Get a job, being an artist, weirdo
StarvingArtist55 (24 Aug, 2013) Reply
I think you'd need to be an artist to get the joke.
Tal (12 Sep, 2013) Reply
It's a joke. Laugh, you over-sensitive retards.
Yourmama (9 Nov, 2013) Reply
One doesnt become an artist. One is born an artist. The ones that become artists aren't real artists, and yes in this county art isn't appreciated at all
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