If you're happy...
...and you know it...
If you're happy...
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Mr Thalidomide (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
Oh how cruel to pick on those less fortunate. Fie! Shame!
me (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
This joke again??
Obvious, the captain (12 Aug, 2013)
Yes, and also this anatomically incorrect depiction of dinosaurs again. When do these idiots learn that dinosaurs are not tripods?
GrumpyCat (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
If you're happy, and you know it, go to hell.
eieio (12 Aug, 2013) Reply
case closed!
ohhhh (13 Aug, 2013) Reply
so that's how that ist written. and all the years i took a dump on my pinion when i was pleased.
Richy (14 Aug, 2013) Reply
I dislike stuff that reminds me of my childhood, cause I used to get hit on the head a lot back then.
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