Punny t-shirt of the day
First one who says "I don't get it" wins a sombrero!
Punny t-shirt of the day
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Obama does not approve. (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
Multi billion dollar agency about to be created with the mission of controlling politically incorrect t-shirt production.
Wong Bros. (6 Aug, 2013)
Tell us about it. "Wong Bros. Chinese Laundry - Two Wongs cans make it white!"
I don't get it (6 Aug, 2013)
Also I want my sombrero :P
Juan (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
I hate tacos
Give me the sombrero (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
I don't get it.
Scandinavian (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
I don't get it.
We eat tacos on Fridays.
Derpo Marx (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
I get it. ...D'OH! Now I don't get a sombrero!
Homo Marx (6 Aug, 2013)
You're finally getting it, good for you.
The Lone Wonderer (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
I don't get it.
Do you ship to the Netherlands?
I don't get it. (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
Now where's my sombrero?
'Murica (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
Best tacos are from Texas. We invented mexican food!
America F-yeah! (6 Aug, 2013)
Wrong. So very wrong. America may have invented Mexican food, but not in Texas. It happened in New Mexico. Seriously, it's right in the name...
Texican (6 Aug, 2013)
Hey, there ain't no mention of tacos or any Messcan food in the name - "New Mexico." And, chili don't have beans, you pervert.
YoQuiero (6 Aug, 2013)
wrong. wrong! WRONG!
Taco Bell invented the taco. That's why it's called 'Taco' Bell.
'Murica (7 Aug, 2013)
It's called Mexican food, because it was what our brave soldiers were forced to eat during the siege of the Alamo.
And who did we fight against? The Mexicans thats right!. And after we beat them at the Alamo we didnt see any "Juan" until they started taking our jobs.
Anon (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
Ay, caramba...that's !RAAAAAACISTA!
Obi Juan (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
I see what you did there!
I get it... (6 Aug, 2013) Reply
But I still want a sombrero.
Actually... (7 Aug, 2013) Reply
..if you all knew a bit of Spanish you will know that Juan is pronounced with the sound "h" from "house" let's say. So, a normal personal aka one that knows Spanish, or at least how to pronounce the name Juan, will not understand the "joke"
An East-European.
Capt. Obvious (8 Aug, 2013)
I didn't think i would have to patrol this otherwise obvious joke. But...
It's the "uan" part that makes the joke. You can say Suan, Huan, Juan just about anything and it will still be fun because it still sounds like "one".
Try it with Sean for a bit of an extra laugh.
*woooooosh!* captain away!!!
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