Everything's OK?
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hansdampf (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
someone with the wrong girlfriend has to insert "that's the truth" here.
married (30 Jul, 2013)
that's the truth, man!
I'mDrunk (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
This is why I drink.
more to the point (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
the guy doesnt look left or right he inverts himself (the T-shirt gave it away)
Alien (30 Jul, 2013)
Damn! I should have worn a plain T-shirt. Or at least one with a symmetric pattern.
This.. (31 Jul, 2013)
This.. changes everything!!
Oh wait, the other thing.
Critic (2 Aug, 2013)
The drawer just goes by the name lazy-az.
Run boy (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
Run like the wind. Run like you've never run before!
Forrest (31 Jul, 2013)
...Jenny, I'm coming for you Jenny!
guy in strip (31 Jul, 2013) Reply
"no more headgames. i don't want to see you anymore."
girl either recants or begins screaming as if batshit insane. then guy honestly knows if particular girl is worth keeping.
Fresh Prince (31 Jul, 2013) Reply
Yo, girlies be buggin'.
AdviceGiver (2 Aug, 2013) Reply
Here comes the ultimate bit of advice: If your woman acts like this, she usually doesn't know exactly what is bothering her in particular (exept if she is a real *******). She feels bad and blames the guy, without being able to tell him, what is wrong. This is what you do: Put your arm around her and say "You don't look like everything is ok" followed by something like "Just tell me", "Let it out". If she pushes you away, she is mad at you and even if you have no idea what you did wrong, go buy her chocolate. If she starts talking, try to listen or at least act like listening. If she starts crying, say "it's ok, you don't have to talk now" and keep holding her.
Hans Palpatine (11 Aug, 2013)
This is the way. It always works...
*pats medical droids
Gen2.2 (27 Aug, 2013)
Wow!! Yea, sure. I am just going to skip beer party and all that for ???? to listen to her B***** about life? F### NO! I usually tell my woman to take a chill pill and if she behaves, I might take her out to my friends place! THATS HOW YOU KEEP A WOMAN!!
AdviceRejected (31 Aug, 2013)
How about this: she can grow up and communicate like an intelligent adult? I'm not buying her stuff, being a cuddle bear, and enabling her childish, psychologically underdeveloped habits.
devon keen (8 Aug, 2013) Reply
wow ok
im gravy (15 Aug, 2013) Reply
it's the truth
Truth (31 Aug, 2013) Reply
If he liked guys instead, he wouldn't have this problem. Ridiculous!!!!
This (16 Sep, 2013) Reply
This is why we have affairs. Just accept it both ways
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