The evolution of the parasite
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Uncle Sam (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
You communist scum don't understand capitalism! USA! USA! USA!
Aunt Gaeia (30 Jul, 2013)
I guess people are beginning to understand it too well.
Slimer (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
And so the trolling begins...
Freddo (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
Only reason why bankers have so much power is because politicians depend on them to borrow their billions in debt. if you owe the mob....
Sam (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
Should read "Politician"
The final one is (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
A Democrat.
But Really (5 Aug, 2013)
It's Zelda!
Honest Abe (30 Jul, 2013) Reply
I would flush all bankers, lawyers and politicians down the toilet if I could.
Trollolol (31 Jul, 2013) Reply
Lawyers and politicians are the devil - they make our world hell by creating ridiculous laws and interpreting them in ways that defy common sense. Bankers are just opportunistic pigs, who use unjust laws against their customers/victims.
Seriously, if someone tricks you into agreeing for something you don't want (e.g. by making terms of service porposely incomprehensible and/or split into many documents that refer to each other), how is this not a crime? Where did it all go wrong? And it's not bankers' fault; it's lawyers' fault. Honest judge would punish the banker for deceiving their customers - and that punishment should hurt them (financially) enough to make such practices simply unprofitable.
P.Wright esq. (1 Aug, 2013)
Most lawyer do not create laws, you tool. Your parlamiens and legal experts under them do.
wintehog (2 Aug, 2013)
They are the 'devil' only in autocratic countries. In any democracy it is the people that is able to choose their representatives who are then appointed to create the law. So, blame the voters.
Trollolol (4 Aug, 2013)
@P.Wright: learn to read. I said "lawyers and politicians" - maybe the order was wrong, but politiciains create laws, lawyers interpret them.
@winterhog: Yeah, sure. The problem is that most democracies quickly degenerate into a two party system, where the parties have some cosmetic differences, mostly in areas of high public/media interest (like abortion, gun laws, gay marriages) to give people an illusion of choice.
Art Majors and High School dropouts... (31 Jul, 2013) Reply
...Approve! And it's just great that people these days can give us some easy scapegoats to point our fingers at! Do you know how it feels like knowing you're a deadbeat, or an outright **** up? It's hellish! But gets a lot better when someone else can be blamed for that! Yeaaah being a hippie and smoking crap and doing nothing all day but complaining is what took civilizations to greatness, -no doubt, it's... common sense! And we can't steer away from that! We're condemned to success!
winterhog (3 Aug, 2013) Reply
Bankers are hardly parasites when it comes to a common people. If you save money and keep them in a bank, they even pay u some dividends. If you spend more that you earn and decide to take a loan from a bank, it's your problem. Banks are private businesses and they play according to their rules. You don't need to follow if you don't want to.
On the other hand, banks who want to remain private businesses AND demand support from the government are unfair. This is why many countries decide to take over banks demanding the supports. It's like takeover, only with government as one party..
Nice, but.. (6 Aug, 2013)
Part of the problem is that (some/most) banks didn't just store the money but also were using it for investments leaving them with a lot less of the actual money stored than they should've kept around.
The investments aren't the real problem here, as after all banks also have to make a living, but as people became antsy it became clear that their money wasn't available at the banks..
This makes people rather pissed of course.
Hans Palpatine (11 Aug, 2013)
It is absolutely clueless people like this that make my life so easy.
Especially when they are so ignorant about how my Banks create money out of nothing as debt, then demand interest on the same.
It´s an age old ponzi-scheme and they´re still falling for it.
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