Cat fact #577
Cats are extremely sensible to vibrations...
Cat fact #577
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aksakmaboul (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
First! Perhaps
RWW (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
The earliest ancestor of the modern cat lived a LOT more than 30 million years ago. Maybe they mean "the earliest cat-like animal," or something.
? (24 Jul, 2013)
How do you know?
ford (24 Jul, 2013)
Yea well if you want to get like that about it, the earliest ancestor of the cat was a little bit of dust floating around in the cloud of matter that would eventually become earth.
sickFreak (15 Dec, 2013)
Cats separated from other mammals 30m years from now. Ancestors before that were not cats.
Me yaav (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
What about the others?
Didn't know cats also had to believe in themselves.
True Story (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
Fact #576 cannot be true if you believe the Bible. The two genealogies of Jesus (which contradict one another BTW) are used to give Planet Earth an age of less than 5800 years. Of course, it is impossible for any of this to be true, but that's the Bible for you!
Obvious Lee Wong (25 Jul, 2013)
Your (or actually anyone's) beliefs have nothing to do with what is true and what isn't.
Also, that "age of Earth is less than 5800 years" statement is some american christian fundamentalist myth.
Believing that the Earth is so young is not a belief in a book, but a belief in some fundamentalist misconceptions.
See also: Young Earth creationism.
True Story (25 Jul, 2013)
"...beliefs have nothing to do with what is true and what isn't..."
Exactly. Thankfully, I am an Agnostic. Even so, I can still tell you some of what is not true. Planet Earth is several hundred thousand times older than what the Bible claims. I know that and so do you.
"Believing that the Earth is so young is not a belief in a book, but a belief in some fundamentalist misconceptions."
What misconception? "Normal Christians" do not want to be associated with people who take the Bible literally. Of course there is no god who hates **** and condones slavery. The earth and universe are not only a few thousand years old. But if you take the Bible literally...
I'mDrunk (29 Jul, 2013)
I've heard this for many a moon.
Where 'zactly in the Bible does it say the Earth is 5800 years old? I need to look this up - if true, it will destroy all my years of post-secondary education.
Dude (24 Jul, 2013) Reply
I'm curious about how it was determined that some cats believe they can detect earthquake tremors 10 to 15 minutes before humans.
Geologist (27 Jul, 2013) Reply
There might be some sense in this, let's get the calculations going.
The P-waves (Primary waves) are earlier than S-waves (secondary waves). Due to it's sense of motion, S waves are more destructive than P-waves, so those are the "big" ones. P-waves are faster than S-waves, so the more they are apart, the further the earthquake is. Let's say they are 10 minutes apart, humans can not feel the P-waves, and can feel the S-waves.
Making use of an Earthquake Travel Time chart, we can see that the earthquake must have been roughly 9000 kilometers away. To feel the S-waves and not the P-waves, the earthquake must be around magnitude 3.0 at the location of arrival, and as earthquake energy is dissipated in a circular motion around the earth, at the epicenter 9000 kilometers away. Now here is where the calculations get a bit difficult, so I can't give any exact numbers, but it is safe to say that the earthquake must have been of a magnitude not previously seen on Earth. TL;DR folks: the fact is complete bullshit.
FINFIN (11 Dec, 2013) Reply
The bible doens't say the earth is 6,000 years old. It says man has been here for 6,000 years. The creative days(not a literal day) could have been millions of years each.Look how long it takes for stars to form. So yes dinosaurs aren't a myth
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