If corporations are people...
...shouldn't we be able to execute them?
If corporations are people...
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Uncle Al says: (20 Jul, 2013) Reply
Of course corporations are people. A bunch of them are on welfare.
Yeah (20 Jul, 2013)
Like all the car companies Obama bailed out to save Detroit..... oh wait..... they went bankrupt, like Solera &
@yeah (22 Jul, 2013)
And people don't go bankrupt in America?
Reality (22 Jul, 2013)
0bama didn't bail out the car companies, he bailed out the UAW.
Uncle Sam (20 Jul, 2013) Reply
Here's something funny. How much do you think the four big banks in the U.S. profit each year (net)?
A: $85 Billlion
So guess how much our annual tax subsidy is to those four big banks? A: $85 Billion
So - the entirety of their profit is straight from our taxes.
Just Saying (5 Sep, 2013)
Funny thing, all the right side is quick to criticize the bail out, and all the while... Despite the fact that it unfroze the economy and that the vast majority is already paid back... But all the same, all the while: What did McCain say he would personally do once he was pinned to the question? What was it? Oh yeah, a bail out. And up until then his plan was "I've got a plan! I've got a great plan! I just don't want to share it until I'm in office so the Dem's can't pick on me!" What do you hicks call that? I think a "pile of horse shit"?
Ditto (20 Jul, 2013) Reply
And I'll believe unions are people when Texas executes one.
IBEW Union Thug (20 Jul, 2013)
I am a Union Member. I live here and pay taxes here. I work hard to support my family. Unions are not the problem, we are not the enemy. If you are jealous of our benefits then fight for your own, not against ours. The Rich created this problem and they are pitting the Middle Class Families against each other. Fight back and join a Union.
Screw that (21 Jul, 2013)
Get rid of public employee unions and save me a bunch of money on taxes. Unions had their time a century ago when jobs really were dangerous and there was no job protection but those days are long, long past.
EUro (21 Jul, 2013)
When the unions were strong, life was better for everyone. Worldwide.
Now the unions are weak or gone and life is just much better for the rich. And the poor blame the unions for that. The unions they destroyed themselves by trying to crawl into the riches butts for lies of more money and bonus. Greed. Pathetic.
Vladimir Lenin (22 Jul, 2013)
"Trade unions are a school of communism."
brit_girl (29 Jul, 2013)
i agree with screw that, when we needed them they were great, they provided health insurance and safe working practices among many other things but now there's nothing left worth fighting for so they are just corrupting British politics by bullying the labour party and controlling parliamentary seats.
Elhaym (22 Aug, 2013)
Really? Because I tend to think that life is much better than it was 50 years ago. Would you like to return to 1950s prices, civil rights, and technology?
Hater'sGonnaHate (20 Jul, 2013) Reply
...I'm sure I can distract you with an Obamaphone, or an Obamahealthcare.
Barrack Hussien (20 Jul, 2013) Reply
I am on the verge of executing the health care system and all insurance providers here in the US, energy providers, and several news organizations that I don't agree with.
Dick Cheney (20 Jul, 2013)
What is funny is that corporations are not only people, they are actually my only friends! Republicans with power like myself keep feeding people like you the idea that Obamacare is no good because the uber-rich will make less money from hard-working Americans. I rank money ahead of America and so do you!
Hi Dick! (22 Jul, 2013)
We know it's you Zelda.
Not a Lawyer (20 Jul, 2013) Reply
Corporations are people, because if they weren't they'd have no right to free speech. You lefty morons out there can take solace in the fact that Corporations are people in the same way and for the same reasons that Unions are. You see, if Unions can have free speech rights, so must Corporations.
Transitivity (21 Jul, 2013)
Guess what! Corporations and unions are entities made of people. The people have rights to free speech, so you don't need to give corporations and unions these rights because their components, the people already have these rights.
Is there a difference between the company's CEO having the right to free speech and the company itself having that right? I don't think so. The company is under the control of the CEO, so what the company is telling to anyone is what the CEO wants to tell them.
Same thing with other entities under control of people.
Things would become more interesting if a corporation was under the control of an AI. But then again. It would be a better decision to give the AI the right to free speech instead of giving it to the corporation.
LogiC (21 Jul, 2013)
Corporations are people crap was pushed into law to allow legal bribery. I don't think there are any laws that limit what a corporation or union can say, beyond what any normal citizen can say, so saying it is for free speech is redundant (corporations have free speech, therefore they need legally recognised free speech so they can have free speech). What it really means is money = speech, and so if corporations are people they can also give voice to elections (that is they can make campaign donations). US politics is so messed up right now because of this legal bribery.
Still Not a Lawyer (21 Jul, 2013)
I'd be fine with Corporations no longer being people as long as Unions were no longer people as well. Let's face it, Unions exercise their right to free speech far more politically than Corporations ever do, so it'd be a huge positive for me.
Of course, I don't know the entirety of the ramifications of what making Corporations/Unions no longer people would have, but I know it applies to free speech and suing people.
Trollolol (22 Jul, 2013)
Anything that is not a person should not be a person. A group of people is not a person, even mathematics say that (a set cannot contain itself). There would be a problem if we created AI or aliens came to Earth to live with us - but neither hasn't happened yet.
Doubtful Observer (21 Jul, 2013) Reply
I was gonna reply to this, but then I figured it'd just be too much trouble.
So I said the hell with it and didn't.
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