How to date beautiful women
Well played, well played.
How to date beautiful women
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LandLord (12 Jun, 2013) Reply
Yeah, but does it work if you're not Jake Gyllenhaal?
Heath Ledger (13 Jun, 2013)
It worked for me!
J. Smithlao (12 Jun, 2013) Reply
Damn! Those are words of wisdom! I'll try it right now....
sd (12 Jun, 2013) Reply
and so he remained a virgin forever. Because that's stupid.
Meh.. (12 Jun, 2013)
Some women will fall for that.
Not the ones that matter though
Philip J Fry (12 Jun, 2013) Reply
Not sure if best idea ever.
Or a retarded waste of time.
juju (12 Jun, 2013) Reply
I just tried that ten minutes ago and got kicked in the teeth by the lady on the bar.
Zeus (13 Jun, 2013)
You're not supposed to try it on your mom.
dude (13 Jun, 2013)
Test1 (12 Jun, 2013) Reply
Just fill your wallet with money, the rest is cake!
And it's not a lie.
Truth Quota (12 Jun, 2013)
Quoted for truth.
ted (12 Jun, 2013) Reply
From then on it's cake... what sort of cake?
La'Queefa Bonisha Smith (13 Jun, 2013) Reply
What is her real name was LISA?
Queerfa (13 Jun, 2013)
RTFJ... it says in pic 2: "Her name is not Lisa" - "I know, I know"... D'oh.
man (13 Jun, 2013) Reply
i hate women. they're primitive.
Al (13 Jun, 2013) Reply
What if her name is Lisa?
POLEHOLE (13 Jun, 2013) Reply
Such A Tiny Coffee uhmmm
Hands (14 Jun, 2013)
Maybe it's just a big hand :0
guy (27 Jun, 2013) Reply
or you'll just think you're an idiot? yeah.
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