How to deal with junk mail
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Hans (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
Will this work in the US? After all, free postage is for the mail, not for shipment of a box, isnt it?
Anon (6 Jun, 2013)
I'd like to know if the "13 ounce limit" also applies to such Business Reply mailings...otherwise, LOVE it!
Rudy (6 Jun, 2013)
Business Reply Mail isn't "free". It just doesn't cost the SENDER anything. If the envelope is used, the cost of the postage is charged to the business being replied to. If the envelope isn't used, no postage is paid on it. That's what makes this so attractive. Theoretically, the business would be liable for the cost of mailing a heavy, worthless item (not cheap), and would get nothing (i.e. your business) in return. Still not sure if this would actually work, though.
Ted (6 Jun, 2013)
I've got a small improvement for this idea: instead of bricks, use some pipe bombs.
I work at a UPS store (8 Jun, 2013)
Won't work, you're just costing the USPS money as they won't ship it, they'll throw it away. You can't even attach one to a larger envelope. Prepaid mail is only for the size it was printed on. Just send the contents back blank, that will cost the company money and make the USPS money, not much, but it ads up.
this (16 Sep, 2013)
They won't pay for the box, but you CAN fill the envelope with your junk mail and poop and pee as long as it will seal shut (tape it). THAT they HAVE TO pay for and will get a nice surprise for their trouble.
or (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
U could fill it with dog turd
me (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
i am so exited to receive junk mail now... the possibility are endless, lemon party picture, side road kill, garbage bag, diapers , medical waste...
Careful . . . . (6 Jun, 2013)
There are still laws against shipping hazardous or contaminated parcels. Rocks hits 'em in the pocketbook when they pay $50 for the package.
Orashow (6 Jun, 2013)
I live next door to the head office of one of these companies and I now have had over twenty two pounds of medical waste, twelve used tyres, eighteen pig carcasses, several bullet riddled stop signs and a whole streets worth of paving stones mailed to me by accident. On the plus side, my roses are never short of fertilizer and the garden patio is looking gorgeous.
Buttz (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
Everything being sent is considered mail, not necessarily just envelopes.
But seriously. Wouldn't you get into some trouble with the USPS for doing this?
Goober (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
I just remove any personal info from the mailing, stuff it all back into the prepaid envelope and send it back. That's good enough for me. If everyone did that, we'd never get junk mail again.
Teuro (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
This is old. I remember reading about this like 15 years ago; the dude used to send used tyres and similar junk back.
Markus (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
I do this all the time but send them back other company's junk mail. Bricks & rocks are an excellent idea!!!
Machi (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
Yeah, except it doesn't work, moron. The pre-paid postage is for the envelope, not a box of bricks. It would be like putting a single stamp on a box of bricks and expecting it to ship.
The post office is sick of people trying this and will just trash the box if you do it. If you are too persistent, they'll send you a bill for the time you are wasting.
Tim (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
This is GREAT! It is such a chore tossing it in the trash. Especially since it's the post office's bread and butter. Lets wipe out junk mail and get the cost of postage up to $10 a letter!
PAT (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
Jack Mehoff (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
what an ugly chair
Hugh (6 Jun, 2013)
I concur. That is a really ugly chair.
lol (7 Jun, 2013)
only that comment was the funny thing of the whole pic here...
USPS (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
Max weight is 70 lbs.
Chuk (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
YOUR PERSONAL INFO MIGHT still be encoded into that barcode still on the envelope that they receive, so compare two envelopes together from two differing credit or junk mail senders. (or just your address barcode if you have it)
Gravdigr (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
I just put the junkmail in the postage paid envelope, and send it back to them.
True Story.™
Yep (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
Most of the annoying banking institutions now put personnel tracking bar codes on their envelopes as well to prevent things like this.
Scark (6 Jun, 2013)
I have been sending old phone books this was for years, they keep sending me junk so i send them paper to print it on
Time Traveler (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
After reviewing the photos my conclusion is that all of this took place in a dining room circa 1977 and was facilitated by a man in teal house slippers.
Watched it happen (7 Jun, 2013) Reply
I knew someone at work (an electronics lab) like 25 years back who used to do stuff like this. He would find random stuff on his workbench and say something like "Vermont! They need this in Vermont!" and race to his file box of business reply envelopes until he found one. He told me that once he got a letter from the Republican Party requesting donations. He sent them a lead brick and told them to use to to make bullets to kill evil commies.
Bryan (7 Jun, 2013) Reply
I sent my parents an empty pizza box this way.
ogoboso (7 Jun, 2013)
Your parents send you pre-paid bulk business reply envelopes?
Your parents communicate with you via mail?
ogoboso (7 Jun, 2013) Reply
Someone else stated the post office will just throw a box like this away (and will eventually bill you for wasting time if you keep it up).
But. If you take the envelope to a brick, they'll send it and charge the company about $20 for it (you can also make a decent charge if you put a flat piece of metal in it).
If just 1% of people did it for just 1% of the junk mail they get - junk mail would disappear.
digital_dude (7 Jun, 2013) Reply
beautiful - I think I'll give it a try. Thank you.
Spencer (8 Jun, 2013) Reply
(visit link)
JunkMailSucks (8 Jun, 2013) Reply
Yeah... don't think it would work... But what I do... remove reply envelope, tear up the rest of the junk mail contents & stuff the reply envelope with torn up adverts... Seal & send. The company only pays for what is sent back through the mail (up to a certain weight), so the more paper you can neatly stuff into the envelope, the better. But then they just get their crap back & have to pay for it.
Artist (9 Jun, 2013) Reply
If you have kids, let them draw pictures to their hearts content then mail the pictures back to the company. Kids love to mail things so they have fun two times.
Rocktex (27 Jun, 2013) Reply
heard a story, years ago about someone doing this with an 8ft 2x4
rebel (24 Aug, 2013) Reply
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