Dad, how was I born?
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Suspicious Tom (21 May, 2013) Reply
Where did the spoon go in the second frame?
Suspicious Jerry (21 May, 2013)
And... and... how did the baby grew hair that fast?
@Suspicious Jerry (21 May, 2013)
Well, Dad's answer in the first frame was, "I'll explain when you're a little older".
Comic Book Guy (21 May, 2013)
Worst episode ever.
Person (24 May, 2013)
He swallowed it.
Z0m (26 May, 2013)
Geez....there is no spoon...!
Remember the Truth (21 May, 2013) Reply
There is no spoon.
SilverSpoon (21 May, 2013)
He'll cause dad a million years of misery because of this.
damn (22 May, 2013) Reply
no man should see that... or.. is that hot?
Jimmy Saville (23 May, 2013) Reply
A movie (23 May, 2013) Reply
You werent born, you were Jason Borne....a highly trained assassin.
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