Be careful what you wish for, son
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Ben Thair (13 May, 2013) Reply
...but I got to ride a Segway!
LandLord (13 May, 2013)
Well that makes it alright then...
Ace V. (15 May, 2013)
You spelled it wrong, you mother... -wrongspeller, you.
@Ace V. (21 May, 2013)
What is spelled wrong??
paul blart (13 May, 2013) Reply
you are living the dream, truly!
Grown-up Cartman (13 May, 2013) Reply
You will respect mah authoritie!!
bob (26 May, 2013) Reply
I don't get it!
uhhhhhh (3 Jun, 2013) Reply
uhh that was short i mean who would make a story and put it online when its that short.
kiss (12 Jun, 2013) Reply
i need a girl to chart with
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