Like being able to choose which bullet you'd prefer to be shot in the head with.
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Morpheus (3 May, 2013) Reply
Which one do you choose? Red or blue?
I pick the second one from the left (3 May, 2013)
Not too sure it will go off- looks kinda old . . .
And technically, aren't the first three shotgun shells, not bullets?
Gun Religion (3 May, 2013)
Doesn't matter. They'll kill you all from short distance.
Someone (3 May, 2013)
Depends on which one is blank.
orlee008 (3 May, 2013)
blue man... blue is cool.... gets you out of the #&$+ matrix!
whatsup (3 May, 2013) Reply
Gotta say this is the truth - well done!
derp (3 May, 2013)
Non-voters always have the government that they deserve.
Forwat Itsworth (3 May, 2013)
@derp: Seeing as "representatives" break their campaign promises, voters and non-voters get what they're given. Those folks only pretend to work for us.
derp (6 May, 2013)
@Forwat Itsworth: What a cop out. The way they behave in office is 100% predictable for anybody who make a reasonable attempt to stay informed, you don't get to say "they break their promises" and then pretend like you didn't know what you were getting. There are no genuine surprises in the package, you are full of it.
bubba (3 May, 2013) Reply
Weird looking 20 gauge. Steel casing? What is it? Also: If you don't vote you're not allowed to bitch about government.
Anti-gunners Are Communists (3 May, 2013) Reply
What's that round between the .410 and the 12 gauge?
Comerade Kalashnikov (3 May, 2013)
It's a spark plug... Or one of those slug shells they have, I'm going with spark plug.
Mr. Literal (3 May, 2013) Reply
I see three shotgun shells and eight rifle and/or handgun cartridges, but no "bullets".
Urine Idiot (3 May, 2013)
WTF is that lead thing at the end of the cartridge then? If you want to appear smart STFU.
orlee008 (3 May, 2013)
omg you're an idiot. either you don't know what the definition of a bullet is or you have no idea what a gun is..... anything that shoots out a tipnis a bullet! the interwebs is soooo stupid!
back to sling shots and rock throwing!
Mrs. Literal (6 May, 2013)
Showing 11 cartridges/rounds/shells and referencing a choice of a bullet is similar to showing 11 pregnant women and asking someone which baby they'd prefer.
Ms. Ogeny (6 May, 2013)
Hey, Urine Idiot! When a bullet is mated to a case with primer and powder, the whole assembly is properly referred to as a cartridge.
LogiC (3 May, 2013) Reply
As opposed to monarchy or dictatorship, where it's all smiles and dreams fulfilled.
Unity (4 May, 2013)
It is not. Though if you compare ineffective, corrupted sellout democracy with nationalist dictatorship, people might actually profit in that system more. It all depends on what kind of person is ruling. Also, one strong leader might give a nation a sense of unity and smooth out potential internal divisions. Just look at former Yugoslavia. Democracy didn't mean prosperity for them.
brit_girl (13 May, 2013)
is unity american by any chance? dont worry logic i appreciate your sarcasm...
jim m (3 May, 2013) Reply
Thinks voting is more like picking an incurable terminal illness
Hector Ring (3 May, 2013) Reply
Or, as Maxine says, "Like picking your favorite mosquito out of a swarm."
AmericanSlave (3 May, 2013) Reply
I voted for the .22 short, but this past November got the 12 gauge slug.
2amend (4 May, 2013) Reply
umm, those are not bullets, they are "rounds" and "cartridges"
2+1=3 (4 May, 2013)
There are 8 bullets "seated" in casings.
Karma Coma (6 May, 2013)
Bullet; Noun -
a. A usually metal projectile in the shape of a pointed cylinder or a ball that is expelled from a firearm, especially a rifle or handgun.
SoanoS (5 May, 2013) Reply
Third one from the left. From 150 meter range. :)
OK (6 May, 2013)
4th from the right. from 600 miles.... INTO THE WIND....
Rickella (6 May, 2013) Reply
I dont think its right to pass i gun law about bringing guns in a public olace thays stupid.:7
Zelda (9 May, 2013) Reply
And people wonder why America is turning into a shithole. There IS a difference between who you vote for: The Dems want to make America & the world a better place; the GOP wants to destroy it. The RW pushes the false idea that both parties are the same, because it doesn't hurt them, but it slimes the Dems. If you don't believe it, then tell me why the GOP spends so much money to get in power if they think govt is so bad?
turfdome (11 May, 2013)
Like the Dems made Detroit, MI, USA a better place?
turfdome (11 May, 2013)
@Zelda, Dems really only want to spend other people's money on they and their friends salaries. If they really wanted a better world/country, the 'war on poverty' would be won, the DOE would have made energy virtually free, the DO-Ed would have actually raised test scores and lowered dropout rates, the EPA would not have needed to scam everybody with that 'CO2 is a toxic gas' BS, the FDA would not exist just to 'approve' high profit margin toxic meds. Dems like PC-speak cuz it's denying the 1st Amendment in their favor, but won't 'defend to their death' anyone's speech that disagrees with their agenda. RWs really just want to keep the right (haha) to live their lives without: confiscatory taxes, high fuel prices, left wing school conditioning, babies murdered before they are even born (who could possibly be more 'innocent' a victim?), being kicked off their land cuz for 3 days 'it's a wetland', public housing projects built with taxpayer dollars and then abandoned in a decade or 2 so taggers and vandals have something to practice on, being unable to afford to start a business cuz somebody else thinks it's their duty to pay for everyone's health insurance...I could go on but I already have.
Callul8er (17 May, 2013) Reply
Which ever is less painfull lol :)
Rob Johnson (20 Oct, 2013) Reply
politicians are working on a way to persuade you to shoot yourself ( e.g. "its for your own good", "this government will never cease in its efforts to limit population growth", "our valuable resources are finite its every citizens duty to help"..
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