A little politeness goes a long way
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A little politeness goes a long way
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ShortDump (3 May, 2013) Reply
In europe we have to say "african american" otherwise people get upset.
z0mg (3 May, 2013)
also in africa you have to call them african american else they feel offended. also you are not supposed to call asians asian, that's racist.
LandLord (3 May, 2013)
Everyone feels offended about everything nowadays.
don't you dare (3 May, 2013)
offending me like that
euRO (3 May, 2013)
@ShortDump we don't have to say that. I say ****** all the time at my local pub. Besides, the blacks around here are usually not from america.
@erRO (3 May, 2013)
You may be able to say it at your local pub, but you can't say it on Eat Liver, or Yahoo! or . . . .
cambrius (4 May, 2013)
@ShortDump: Nonsense. In most of Europe we don't speak English. In the parts that do speak English we say 'black', and black people care not a damn.
Gate Keeper (4 May, 2013)
I took a fence once but never took a gate.
longdump (16 May, 2013)
...ummm. NO! That is total rubbish!!
wait.. (7 Jun, 2013)
wait, why would it be "african american" in europe?
Cherry (10 Oct, 2013)
I didn't know calling Asians as such is racist. I guess it's just the same as calling Europeans europeans, Americans americans, and so on. Just saying.
z0mg (3 May, 2013) Reply
So . . . . (3 May, 2013) Reply
Even though my skin is a pink-orange toned color, I am called white . . . . so I should be offended unless I am called Caucasian?
Grober (3 May, 2013)
I was inside a paint store during a minor earthquake once and now I'm a member of every single ethnic group, even purple.
Juju (3 May, 2013) Reply
I'am latin-european and more white than most white guys. So if they call me white should I be offended?
Ugly Joe (3 May, 2013) Reply
Offense can never be given, only taken. So YES!
Old White American Guy (3 May, 2013) Reply
Whatever they call me, I hope they say it nicely. When I was a kid, "black" was impolite and "Negro" (meaning black) was polite. I think "Colored People" was once polite in my parents' youth. Not now. "Persons of Color", a polite PC term, is just silly. Even albinos are persons of color. "Black" and "White" seem pretty innocuous, if inaccurate, when said and meant politely. I've heard people refer to Nigerians and Ethiopians as "African-Americans". News Flash: They're not Americans.
e.e (3 May, 2013) Reply
this is stupid
Rick Santorum (3 May, 2013)
Yes. Yes it is.
Anon (4 May, 2013) Reply
If I were a Leftist, *I'D* be whining because the Africanny-Amerikanski employee is being oppressed by being forced to *serve* the privileged white guy...
SO glad that I'm NOT......
Rick Santorum (4 May, 2013)
No, you wouldn't.
cambrius (4 May, 2013)
No, you would'nt.
Anon (5 May, 2013)
Rick and Cambi chime in to deny the decades-long Modus Operandi of the oh-so-predictable, goose-stepping Left. *Not* persuasive, chaps.
Really? (7 May, 2013)
Goose stepping refers to the Nazi party, which is an extremist RIGHT wing group. If you want to criticize them, you need to mention communism.
FurEel (4 May, 2013) Reply
I've never met anybody like this, nor have I ever met a black person offended by the word black.
Diederik A. Stapel (5 May, 2013) Reply
This is true, I will provide a survey to prove it.
bhfe (8 May, 2013) Reply
that is very RACIST
javi (10 May, 2013) Reply
So the correct is african american coffee?
brit_girl (13 May, 2013) Reply
i saw some black kids spray painting their names/tags on the wall outside my house so i thought i'd join in. i'd only done the first three letters of my name when they kicked the poo out of me and ran off. they must not like people called nigel very much.
Bucky (10 Dec, 2013) Reply
He wants WHITE coffee!
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