Seeing eye people for people who...
...want to keep using their smartphone without interruption.
Seeing eye people for people who...
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Rando McOmmenter (18 Apr, 2013) Reply
Somehow I don't doubt that such a job exists - or will in the near future.
LandLord (18 Apr, 2013)
Oh, it will exist after Appol releases iPhone 6.
Uberdouche (18 Apr, 2013)
@LandLord: That's AppHole. You're welcome.
superfail (18 Apr, 2013) Reply
Sensitive_hearing_boy (18 Apr, 2013)
Why are you shouting at me?
superfail (18 Apr, 2013)
So that you would take out your earplugs and lift those sensitive eyes from your flip-phone.
3rd person (26 Apr, 2013)
y r u talking to yourself?
Me (18 Apr, 2013) Reply
The seeing eye person needs a hairing scalp person.
EUROCRACK (19 Apr, 2013) Reply
OH SWEEET JESUS!! ONLY IN MURRICA! no wonder everyone hates you people.
a. (22 Apr, 2013) Reply
You realise he might actually have a very poor sight or tunnel vision or something else (and he uses a phone with voice commands and so on, hence the headphones) and really need this?
Trish (5 Jan, 2014) Reply
Is that Justin Beiber?
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