Taylor Swift's singing career explained
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Taylor Swift's singing career explained
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Timothy the Tim (11 Apr, 2013) Reply
I didn't know she sings. Also... Is she somehow related to Scrooge McDuck?
fan (17 May, 2013)
ThA-B (11 Apr, 2013) Reply
omg this is so cool!!!!! :D
Cynical Sam (11 Apr, 2013)
Along with her off-putting lyrical vindictiveness, it looks like the expiration date is coming up on her trailer trash cuteness
Trailer Park King (11 Apr, 2013) Reply
That's not trailer trash cute, that's teen-shopping-mall-****-cute.
adankyew (11 Apr, 2013) Reply
still better love story than twish*te
quick thinking (12 Apr, 2013) Reply
Close the door and lock her in there!
Taylor Swift (12 Apr, 2013) Reply
I have minimal talent. Thankfully, country music fans are too stupid to realize this.
Rick Santorum (15 Apr, 2013) Reply
The only people old enough to know where the bottom pic came from are too old to know what a Taylor Swift is.
KBI (15 Apr, 2013)
Indeed, my good chap, I had to look her up in the World-Wide-Web.
Stuff (18 Jan, 2014)
So no one over the age of 24 watches TV or listens to the Radio? Because everyone knew who she was, whether they wanted to or not, thanks to the VMA's and Kanye West.
breana perdue (29 Apr, 2013) Reply
so funny
e.e (5 May, 2013) Reply
I'm 23 and I know where the bottom picture came from, and also young enough unfortunately to know what a taylor swift is. But I've the sense not to actually listen to this dumb girls "music"
Scrooge McDuck (8 May, 2013) Reply
Bitch, out of my money/gold swimming pool.
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