This is a six person chair lift
Spotted at the Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario by Pays_His_Debts.
This is a six person chair lift
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Ski Resort Visitor (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
I has the dumbs.
OSHA (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
That doesn't look safe at all
tradesman (7 Apr, 2013)
David (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
This looks like a mutation, and a bad sign maker.
Me (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
This must be a chair lift at Roswell.
WRONG! (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
This Is A SIX Finger Hand.
Anon (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Oh Canada... *sigh*
Canadian (8 Apr, 2013)
I'm sorry.
bob mckenzie (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
Wats so funny? most canadian have six finger on there left hands
Inigo Montoya (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
You killed my father. Prepare to die.
Count Rugen (7 Apr, 2013)
Stop saying that!!!
640 (8 Apr, 2013)
You win the internet.
Dudley Doright (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
And they forgot the "r" in weider.
Am I just stupid? (7 Apr, 2013)
I don't think they did...
Bunch of Hosers! (7 Apr, 2013) Reply
I actually see nothing wrong with this sign, it was obviously done intentionally... Lay off the Canadians, we're just doing this stuff for the enjoyment of the public. If you really think there's a problem then you can forge a complaint and send it to Harper, maybe he'll replace it with a boring sign, one that reads: This is a six person chairlift. Instead of an awesome, mutated alien hand with 6 fingers, you get a boring, giant number.
Thatcher's Lovechild (8 Apr, 2013)
Finally, a suitably respectable comment!
Uncle Al says: (8 Apr, 2013)
Yep. A witty, clear, eye-catching warning sign. Two thumbs up!
Cambrius (8 Apr, 2013)
Salzigtal (9 Apr, 2013)
To those who dislike this sign, I give, the finger.
which one? (9 Apr, 2013)
#3 or #4?
inigo montoya (10 Apr, 2013) Reply
You killed my father. Prepare to die.
brit_girl (11 Apr, 2013)
oh damn, i was aiming for your mother
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