The main reason why we need time travel
Made by Brendan Yu.
The main reason why we need time travel
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Bammo (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
Was that taco in the time machine kit?
PleatedCat (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
His pants are still on?! Why do poops exit pants and not go down leg?!
Mexican food (4 Apr, 2013)
... burns through cloth on the way out
Also.. (7 Apr, 2013)
Maybe not only poops!
makes no sense (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
hipster_poet (5 Apr, 2013)
it's a rare kind of haiku. you've probably never even heard of it..
Portals (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
You're just darn lucky that portal isn't orange or blue, or else we'd sue the poopy pants right off of you!
Timelord (5 Apr, 2013) Reply
Paradox. Won't work. Sorry, Brendan.
Phillip J Fry (5 Apr, 2013)
Of course it works. I'm my own grandpa!
Timelord (6 Apr, 2013)
I can't. It's wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey-stuff. Trust me.
Mr.Atlas (5 Apr, 2013) Reply
i am sooooo unable to relate with that...
Merry Hobb (6 Apr, 2013) Reply
...and somewhere it's raining donuts.
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