How to offend 4 groups of geeks with 1 picture
Use The Force, Harry!
How to offend 4 groups of geeks with 1 picture
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Optimus Prime (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
You're a lizard, Harry!
Psycho (2 Apr, 2013)
Although it's old, it made me laugh harder than the content. Thanks
brit_girl (11 Apr, 2013)
hahahahaha that nearly made me pee my pants!
PatrickStewart (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
I read it as Patrick Stewart.
Patrick Wart Stew (2 Apr, 2013)
Now geeks are really offended ;)
Geek (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
This is great. Made me laugh really loud.
Neverhood (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Charles Xavier, how could you!
Now read in (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Morgan Freeman's voice. Titty sprinkles.
Who am I? (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Is this the bald guy in a wheelchair from X-Men or the bald guy in a wheelchair from Lost?
faroutman (2 Apr, 2013)
Neither, he's Gandalf obviously.
Offended geek (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Make it so.
Micheal Dorn (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
I hate you UK white old guy. How much of your merciless teasing I had to endure all those years, go bugger off as you people say.
GAW (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Hit that hourse a little harder. Make sure it's 100% dead.
Tastentier (3 Apr, 2013) Reply
I find this insulting, but only because Harry Potter fans aren't geeks. They're either children or infantile adults who lack the IQ points to qualify as geeks. I refuse to be thrown in with people who obsess over children's books.
SERIOUSLY? (17 Apr, 2013)
Picard (3 Apr, 2013) Reply
"I'll be right here, Elliott."
Jeanne (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
I don't get it...
brit_girl (11 Apr, 2013)
jeanne gray by any chance?
Warner (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
Use the force StarWars
Harry Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry
Gandalf Lord of the Ring
P. Stewart Star Trek
Mr. Potter (9 Apr, 2013)
Clint Eastwood / Dirty Harry was never a target of geeks!
. (11 May, 2013)
uh no. Harry as in Harry Potter :P
Geek (5 Apr, 2013) Reply
Oh, i love Stargate!
An Ent (5 Oct, 2013) Reply
This is hilarious!!!
First, Patrick Stewart aka JeanLuc Picard is not Ian Mckellan Aka Gandalf or Magneto.
Second, Patrick Stewart is not Alan Guinness aka Obi-wan Kenobi.
Third, Harry Potter is not Luke Skywalker.
Fourth, "Use the Force" is a quote from Star Wars not Star Trek or X-men,
but I suppose if you think about it Professor X uses the force to transmit his thoughts as a telepath.
Thom (4 Dec, 2013) Reply
The only way it'd be worse is if Picard was holding a sonic screwdriver and a pinkie pie plushie
robenkk (29 Jan, 2014)
You just came up with a simple way to offend 5 or more groups of geeks with one picture :P
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