A fire exit in Venice, Italy
Also known as the toilet.
A fire exit in Venice, Italy
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Tourist (27 Mar, 2013) Reply
Venice stinks. Literally.
Gino (27 Mar, 2013)
You spelt sinks wrong.
Actually... (27 Mar, 2013)
...you're both right!
Artie (27 Mar, 2013)
And you spelled spelt wrong :)
Arty (28 Mar, 2013)
And you spelled Arty wrong
LogiC (28 Mar, 2013)
Spelt is right. Burnt/burned, smelt/smelled, spelt/spelled, dreamt/dreamed. There is languages outside US English.
Arty Wrong (28 Mar, 2013)
redacted (28 Mar, 2013)
@logiCI think you mean are.
Gz (28 Mar, 2013) Reply
That is street art
like yeah (28 Mar, 2013) Reply
o sole mio, ************!
Floridian (28 Mar, 2013) Reply
We got 'gators in our canals. Murica, F Yeah!
Maria (28 Mar, 2013) Reply
Hi i think that pic is funny and I would like to see people come out of that exit!;)
Mason (28 Mar, 2013) Reply
That's some crafty brick-layin' there.
Italian (1 Apr, 2013) Reply
It would say "fuoco uscita" if that wasn't a joke. Italy is beautiful, but yes, Venice has a certain "air" to it.
Real Italian (8 Apr, 2013)
It would say "uscita d'emergenza" since "fuoco uscita" (as you say) makes no sense in italian!!!
Also I agree witn "Tourist"... Venice nowadays stinks and looks like Naples: full of trash everywhere.
GemJack (3 Feb, 2014) Reply
Was in Venice once, turned a corner, saw an old man taking a dump right in the canal. Yup, true story.
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