How to brush your teeth like a Spartan
Are you striving to be the best Spartan you can be? Well, today is your first lesson in Spartan hygiene...
How to brush your teeth like a Spartan
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Gravdigr (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
wtf? (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
some dude already did this. Why bother emulating it?
turmus (18 Mar, 2013)
New visuals. Improved version (the other one contains too much text).
Spencer (18 Mar, 2013)
I 100% agree with "why make another"
The Lone Wonderer (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
Here you go: (visit link)
IMO, much more funny
agreed (18 Mar, 2013)
agreed, this guy is an unimaginative poser
Wow (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
You guys all need a life . . .
Plus (21 Mar, 2013)
...and so do you
Tastentier (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
Spartans didn't brush their teeth. Toothbrushes are for pussies. The most fearsome feature of a Spartan warrior was his breath.
2+1=3 (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
Master Chief (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
It is rare that you see me with out my armor, and with out my Katana.
Ratman (19 Mar, 2013) Reply
His body is his temple
Did you notice (19 Mar, 2013) Reply
He has a beard.
What? (23 Mar, 2013)
Gravdigr Again (20 Mar, 2013) Reply
Dude has two boobs tattooed on each boob.
GOD (20 Mar, 2013) Reply
ZachBora (20 Mar, 2013) Reply
Where are his eyebrows??
(24 Mar, 2013)
There in his beard
CRAZY SON (28 Mar, 2013) Reply
He is really crazy
ryrmo (5 Apr, 2013) Reply
Ironic having "my body is my temple" TATTOOED on the body.
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