Life support
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Network (15 Mar, 2013) Reply
Because wifi uses the power cord.
Yabby (15 Mar, 2013)
It looks like his laptop is a dell, and if it is, it probably shuts off the second it's unplugged. I can empathize.
- (15 Mar, 2013)
Maybe he keeps the battery in the fridge when he's using his laptop at home. Some people do that.
Or maybe he uses HomePlug.
MrAtlas (15 Mar, 2013)
Maybe the battery is removed...
Selkis (15 Mar, 2013)
Maybe it's shopped...
Dude... (17 Mar, 2013)
I have a Dell with an i7 and the battery still lasts 9 hours on average. On a totally unrelated note, what do you call a laptop at the bottom of the ocean? Adele Rolling in the Deep! :P
Mythopoeikon (15 Mar, 2013) Reply
Maybe it's just supposed to be a joke
Yes, but... (15 Mar, 2013)
...everyone's a critic. That cliche didn't come from nowhere.
Arrgh (15 Mar, 2013) Reply
No harm done. Torrents will always resume.
Ladies and Gentlemen (15 Mar, 2013) Reply
I just want to say one thing, bacon.
Peter (18 Mar, 2013)
Bacon is the word.
Not bird, bacon.
sully (16 Mar, 2013) Reply
>disconnecting power
>implying it doesn't have a battery
>shit tier artist; should have drawn an ethernet port at least.
thedarkknight (8 Apr, 2013) Reply
great joke
Evance Symon (23 Apr, 2013)
This laptop has no battery. It is using direct power from d wall socket
yup (17 Sep, 2013) Reply
this is exactly you stupid kids today
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